When sustainability is intertwined with fabric

Lanieri’s commitment to sustainability is one of the key values underlying the company’s philosophy: we produce made-to-measure garments and make to order, to reduce waste to the minimum possible. In fact, each garment is a “unique piece”, configured in detail together with the customer and created only after his confirmation and approval: this zero stock philosophy has allowed us to overcome the need to have a warehouse and to reduce the environmental impact of our activities. 

Elegance and sustainability therefore represent the pillars of our brand’s strategy and are reconfirmed, season after season, also through the choice of fabrics developed thanks to innovative research and production logics capable of combining quality and enhancement of natural resources.

The new Sartorial Architectures collection boasts a selection of fabrics that express the perfect harmony between excellence and respect for the environment: fabrics, textures and colors that draw inspiration from nature and realize the potential of the finest raw materials with avant-garde and special finishes. Among these you can find for example: fabrics made with km0 wool and hemp that cause a lower impact on production, and still others that use biological materials and dyes obtained from biodegradable resources, such as coffee and other natural substances; real product innovations that are reflected in sophisticated yet minimal impact trends.

Follow us to discover 4 fabrics from the new collection: we have chosen them with care, to best represent our vision of value and refinement, but with a fully responsible soul.

Blue in Biella wool and Silk Men’s Custom Suit

Renovating from a green point of view means first of all starting from everyday life, that is precisely from those garments that cannot be missing from every man’s wardrobe: excellence is a habit that is built every day, said Aristotle. For this reason, our journey begins with Ermenegildo Zegna’s blue suit fabric: a hymn to style made up of km0 wool mixed with silk.

Furthermore, the Biellese wools that characterize it have a characteristic, dry and decisive hand, which harmonizes well with the softness and shine of the silk: the resulting mélange effect is truly unique and makes this garment particularly refined and perfect for those wants to wear a formal look. Recommended for the man who wants to assert his personality with determination, elegance and attention to nature.

Dark blue in Plain-weave Hemp Men’s Custom Suit

Another excellent green option to reinterpret the classic blue suit is the version made with a dark blue canvas fabric from the Subalpino wool mill. In 100% hemp it is fresh and light thanks to the high thermoregulation capacity of the fiber. Hemp fiber represents an eco-sustainable choice given the lower use of water for its cultivation compared to cotton.

The plain weave gives the garment a unique lightness and makes it suitable for leisure wear even on the hottest summer days.

Green Linen Beige Organic Cotton Blazer

To create a separate combination characterized by a garment with a green vocation, however, we offer you the beige blazer in Linen and Organic Cotton in which style and sustainability merge. In fact, this type of cotton, in addition to being grown according to organic principles, does not involve the use of any pesticide that impacts on the cultivation area.

Furthermore, this amazing fabric has no chemical or artificial dyes and maintains the true natural color of the fiber. For a chic and sustainable contemporary style that is easy to match.

Blue-green in Organic Cotton Men’s Sweater

The last garment we offer, perfect for leisure time, is characterized by the organic certification of the teal green yarn in Organic Cotton. The sweater has a soft hand and an opaque finish and is perfect to wear to complete casual looks in spring-summer or to give as a gift to make even those who are less attentive to environmental issues appreciate Lanieri’s commitment to obtain quality garments in the full respect for nature.

Discover these and many other new fabrics selected for the Lanieri Spring Summer collection and create your personal style in the name of sustainability.