The Modern Gentleman’s Wardrobe: the white shirt

Is there anyone that doesn’t own one? Quite unlikely. There is a precise reason why every man owns at least one white shirt: it’s the ability of combining class, simplicity and comfort all together. The white shirt stands for elegance thanks to the clearness and refinement of the color and still nowadays it’s the cornerstone garment of […]

Modern Gentleman’s Wardrobe: the blue blazer

Blue blazer is definitely the symbol of refined free time. Versatile and naturally elegant it is an inevitable element in the wardrobe of the classy bon vivant. History of an icon The famous double breasted version was born in 1837 during the visit of Queen Victoria on board of the HMS Blazer (hence the name) that […]

The top 5 drinks for a gentleman, recommended by MAG Cafè bartender Flavio Angiolillo

the drink of the perfect gentleman

The various combination of ingredients in a cocktail are a fine mapping of one’s tastes, in every sense. Discover yours through the advices of an award-winning bartender, Flavio Angiolillo. The choice of ingredients and combinations of the various cocktails are a kind of taste-mappin, in every sense. Discover your gentleman nature through the advices of […]

Neapolitan Tailoring

Neapolitan Tailoring

First of all, the Neapolitan tailoring school comes to light in a city that was the capital of male elegance and pioneer of a lifestyle that later will be copied in Paris and Rome. At those times, Naples was the city where the taste of English gentlemen was meeting the preserved artisanal skills of its […]