The top 5 drinks for a gentleman, recommended by MAG Cafè bartender Flavio Angiolillo

the drink of the perfect gentleman

The various combination of ingredients in a cocktail are a fine mapping of one’s tastes, in every sense. Discover yours through the advices of an award-winning bartender, Flavio Angiolillo. The choice of ingredients and combinations of the various cocktails are a kind of taste-mappin, in every sense. Discover your gentleman nature through the advices of an award-winning bartender: Flavio Angiolillo.

Milano-Torino: this cocktail is made with Campari and Vermouth, to be drinked at the aperitivo, we strongly recommend to drink it at the “Pinch”. There you’ll find many variations, you can ask for the list of ingredients to customize this cocktail.

Mint Julep: it’s a refreshing cocktail made with whiskey, soda, mint and sugar. To be served in a metal glass.  Al Rita is one of the most requested cocktail.

Boulvardier: it’s a French cocktail made with Campari, red Vermouth and Wiskey. A nice variation of the Negroni, served in cup for the most discerning palates. Drink it at Davide Castelli’s Indiana Post.

Old fashion: cocktail made with whiskey, we recommend drinking it to 1930 as your last drink of the night. Try also the smoked version with an hint of Mezcal.

Manhattan: cocktail made of red Vermouth, rye whiskey, orange bitter and 3 dash of maraschino. Simply a classic. At MAG Cafe in Milan you can try a version based mastica di Chios (a fragrant resin from the Chios island in Greece).

PINCH Spirit&Kitchen – Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 63 Milano

RITA – Via Angelo Fumagalli, 7 Milano

INDIAN POST – Via Casale, 7 Milano

1930 – Milano

MAG Cafè – Ripa di porta ticinese, 43 Milano