Ton Sur Ton: what to avoid when wearing a suit

ton sur ton

It may appear as one of the easiest combination, but if we analyze it carefully, it is also the one that hides the most common mistakes. We are talking about combining garments made in the same color. When it is possible, for example, to wear pants and a sweater of the same color tone? What is it best to avoid? Here is a simple guide divided into three options, to learn on how to show off a perfect and memorable look.


Yes, you can!

When the gradation of the two tones is exactly the same, the result you get is wonderful. Blue with blue, black with black, turtlenecks under jackets or elegant suits played down with checkered shirts: a perfect match, minimal and very chic. Beware, though, the two colors must be, once worn, perfectly identical, otherwise you will get the opposite result!


No, better to avoid!

If you choose to wear top and bottom in a different tone of the same color, the result becomes complex and difficult to understand. So avoid difficult combinations between blues, light-blues and grays that can diminish your style. Better make a safe bet instead!


Perhaps, with some ingenuity!

A middle ground could be wearing a garment in soldi color, to be marche with another one of the same color, but patterned. Keep in mind that the patterned part need to be compatible with the solid one.

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