How to iron a dress shirt

How to properly iron a shirt

It’s easier than it looks. Sometimes ironing a shirt it’s a nightmare and you prefer to take it directly to the laundry. However, with few simple tips you can iron it perfectly at home, without any residual crease. Here are 5 steps to get the most accurate results in the shortest possible time.

IMG20571_Start from the back of the shirt. Stretch the middle of the back and start ironing from the hips to the collar. Rotate a little the shirt to iron the other half of the back using the same technique.


2_ Flatten a sleeve on the ironing board. Align the two sides along the seam. Iron with care flattening both layers of fabric while the iron slips over. Repeat for the other sleeve. Turn the shirt and iron the sleeves on the other side. Be sure to slide the iron in one direction, the opposite one from where you are holdimg the shirt steady on the ironing board.

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3_If you’re ironing a shirt with long sleeves, take care of the cuffs with the same technique you used with the collar. Remember to iron both the inside and outside.

IMG20604_ To iron the front of the shirt, make sure all the buttons are open, then lay the half with the button holes on the widest part of the ironing board. Start ironing from the bottom to the collar. Repeat with the other half, being careful not to go over the buttons with the hot iron (you may ruin them, or worse melt if they are made of plastic!).

IMG2061 5_ Lay the collar flat on the ironing board and press it with the iron. Start from the tips to prevent the collar to bend inward. Repeat the process on the outside.