The Modern Gentleman’s Wardrobe: the white shirt

Is there anyone that doesn’t own one? Quite unlikely. There is a precise reason why every man owns at least one white shirt: it’s the ability of combining class, simplicity and comfort all together. The white shirt stands for elegance thanks to the clearness and refinement of the color and still nowadays it’s the cornerstone garment of men’s closet.

White Dobby Shirt

White shirt has survived  passing fashions and has become an evergreen of versatility among generations. Always there on 2015’s spring/summer catwalks, the white shirt has been reinvented ex novo as regards cuts and weave becoming a passpartout and an unconditioned must have.

Until 1900  white shirt was associated to aristocracy because only the wealthy could afford to frequently wash clothes or have a sufficient number in order to always wear clean shirts but nowadays white shirts are suitable for all and are used in many different ways.

You can choose the perfect shirt being careful to the cut, the style and the collar, there’s a shirt for every occasion from a job interview to sharing a cocktail with friends. But how do you choose the perfect shirt? Here’s a short guide.

Cutaway collar shirt
The cutaway collar


A must have is a Light Popeline shirt, fit for any corporate dress code. The lightness of the fabric (79-85 g) allows you a perfect fit and makes you feel comfortable and fresh all day without taking off your jacket. As regards the collar we suggest the cutaway collar or spread, they are both perfect to be worn with ties. A modern look that will allow you to show self confidence with your style.


Short button down collar shirt
The short button down collar

If you belong to an urban setting and love to hang out in museums or if you have in schedule a romantic dinner you can opt for a soft, versatile, opaque fabric. A White Popeline shirt with button down collar will give a sporty twist to your outfit. Since you don’t have to wear a tie you can unfasten the first two buttons of your shirt (never unfasten more than 2).

And if you are heading to the beach or on a trip in a medieval village you certainly will be inspired by linen blended with cotton,  your style will be carefree but at the same time refined.

Be careful when you roll up your sleeves: never fold them more than 3 times and never wear your shirt outside your pants unless you are wearing a linen total look.

White Houndstooth Cotton Shirt

Special events

Events such as vernissages, weddings or ceremonies can give you the opportunity to be daring and classy at the same time. We suggest a ton sur ton pattern like a precious Pied de Poule made with piquet fabric or a more classic Herringbone made with Dobby fabric and french collar. Reinvent elegance according to your style.

Whatever is the event or occasion never forget the fit. Every man knows how important it is to wear something comfortable in order to feel at ease. Classic cut, form fitting, slim, extra slim, regular , many options, but how to choose? Be careful with the size range, never too large or you’ll look messy but also never too tight or the buttons on your abdomen will pop out in a way that has nothing to do with elegance.

Solution?  A made to measure shirt, of course!

Did you already get your measures?

  “In the lexicon of contemporary elegance,
I like to think that the white shirt is a universal term
that each woman may ‘pronounce’ as she prefers…“

                                                                                                                       Gianfranco Ferré