Marriage Italian Style: what to wear

As every year  the summer season brings with it a whirlwind of wedding invitations. It’s all a succession of ceremonies in ancient sanctuaries, liberty villas with a view on a lake, bohémien receptions in some agritourism in the country. During the last decades the  possibilities for new themes and locations have multiplied showing the will to make the wedding day a unique moment to remember and share. Italians, of course, are masters of creativity also in this field.

Whether you are the best man or one of the guests finding the right outfit may become a difficult job where only experts can succeed but fortunatly it’s not true. Given that you were not invited to the wedding to show off you we can easily keep out Mr. Originality and Mr. improvisation as counselors. Deciding what to wear is a matter of bon ton so the choice depends on 3 simple factors: style, location, time of the day .

Here are some tips that will help you create your look, you’ll feel comfortable with a flawless style.

Ceremony Authentic Black Suit

Ceremony suit

A formal ceremony within 6 o’clock in the afternoon will require a tight or black lounge for the groom,  his relatives and best man. Guests can choose a classic blue suit 100% wool or dare with a light gray suit silk blend. What better event than a wedding to treat yourself with a wedding suit?

If the wedding is planned for the evening a dark suit is the right choice for the groom while his guests will opt for a precious 100% wool striped effect black suit or a silk blend with microdesign, we also recommend  an evergreen shimmering dark blue suit.

As regards informal ceremonies where it is not required a dress code just commit to the elegance of simplicity: a blue 100% wool suit or light authentic gray will be perfect for a summer wedding. Details and tailoring will make you look flawless.

Always remember  that casual doesn’t mean “ t shirt and a pair of good old blue jeans” but it is the possibility  to wear a jacket with a sporty cut and that you may be allowed not to wear a tie.

The jacket will always be single breasted with 2 or 3 buttons, flap pocket or welt pocket. For an extra touch you can match a waistcoat. Choose trousers with a classic cut and no cuffs.

Ceremony White Piquet Shirt

Ceremony shirt

It goes without saying that you should prefer a white shirt or light blue shirt, keep stripes and checked shirts for casual fridays and button down collars or mandarin collars for a weekend on the beach. Choose a french collar for a perfect fit with a tie while if you’re willing to wear cufflinks be sure you shirt has double cuffs.


An essential detail is the tie, 100% silk , of course. Avoid loud colors or eccentric patterns, opt for any shade of blue or gray, solid colour or microdesign. It will be hot and at a certain point you may want to take it off and put it with nonchalance in your pocket, you are allowed to do it only after the wedding cake has been served!

Shoes and socks

Shoes will be lace up and appropriate for the season, opaque black made with calf leather matched with black/ dark gray or blue long lisle socks. If your wedding is informal you can wear elegant loafers with dark socks.


If you do not often wear cufflinks, this is your chance. They instantly add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the outfit. What about the pocket square? Never with the same color of the tie, a linen and white one will be perfect.

Now, are you ready to enjoy the wedding party?