Modern Gentleman’s Wardrobe: the blue blazer

Blue blazer is definitely the symbol of refined free time. Versatile and naturally elegant it is an inevitable element in the wardrobe of the classy bon vivant.

History of an icon

The famous double breasted version was born in 1837 during the visit of Queen Victoria on board of the HMS Blazer (hence the name) that belonged to the english Royal Navy .

For this special occasion the captain ordered a jacket a few centimetres shorter than the classic uniform, with a single central vent and finished with metal buttons decorated with the golden Navy emblem. The outfit was largely appreciated by the Queen and shortly afterwards it became the official uniform of the Royal Navy.

In the same years, always in the UK, another variation became popular among the exclusive yacht clubs first and then in the cloisters of the most renowned colleges, it was the single breasted jacket with blue buttons and the golden emblem stiched on the breast’s pocket.

The military and academic uniform has lost, through the years,  its formal connotation becoming the expression of casual vestire in contemporary fashion.

Fabrics and style

Navy Blue Blazer MareMade of 100% hopsack wool the blue blazer’s weave is full and thick, it can be easily combined with cream colored chinos or jeans . A white shirt with button-down collar and a lively pochette complete the look for a summer weekend out of town.

A classic lightweight (235gr) 100% wool fabric in a darker shade of blue and softer texture makes the blazer a good compromise between a formal and a casual style. The blazer combined with medium gray trousers is perfect for an easy chic business attire.

Matching shoesDetails

One last tip: never match a blue blazer with black shoes, rather opt for suede or classic leather shoes in shades of brown.

A twist

For an extra touch you can personalize your blazer with navy style buttons for a sporty touch in order to make it suitable for open air events or vacations. Choose a silver version for a city mood or dark brown for formal occasions.

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  1. Hans Christian Rasmussen says:

    Allow me to say this about the black shoes with a blazer: Less formal black shoes, such as “penny loafers”, or, even, solid full brogues with a blazer and grey or check trousers, are actually considered formally correct.

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