The best summer fabrics: linen, fresco wool and cotton

Blazer Toscano Lana Lino

Apart from staying in the office until late to enjoy air conditioning for free, there are few solutions for beating the heat. The easiest one is to dress accordingly, that means taking into consideration the materials you wear. The knowledge of summer fabrics will help you to decide the best suit to fit your summer wardrobe needs.

Summer suits come in a variety of cuts, weaves, blends and patterns. Keep it simple. Choose lightweight and breathable fabrics for half-lined jackets, unstructured blazers or suits with slimmer cuts and straighter lines.


Toscano Wool Linen Blazer

Yes, it does wrinkle! But that adds character to the fabric and to your outfit, and this is just one feature which makes it stand out amongst other summer fabrics. Linen is stronger and more resistant to rubbing than cotton.

Its fibers go damp and dry very soon, that is why the fabric cools the body during hot midday. Isn’t that enough? The three-dimensional texture adds tactile dimension to your suit, giving it a unique and casual appearance. An informal kind of elegance.

Don’t be scared to try out shades of pink, red, beige, green or blue for your blazer. And for a refined summer attire and fewer wrinkles, choose a linen fabric blended with silk or with wool.

Fresco wool

Wool will be more airy than cotton and softer than linen but you will still want to choose a very light wool fabric between 230-255 g, a fresco lana of course.

This ultimate summer suit fabrics, a not-secret-remedy to not overheating during the hottest summer days and nights, comes in a variety of colours and patterns (Pied de poule, Prince of Wales and microdesign).

With a high twist and plain weave, fresco lana is a travel-friendly fabric great for summer days and chic journeys. Its range of lighter colors like grey, brown or blue also makes it a versatile choice.

Try a patterned dress shirt, solid tie and pocket square for a summer office look.


Cotton fabric helps keep you cool by being breathable and by helping to move some moisture away from the body by absorbing it. A cotton suit will hold its shape better than a linen one and can be formal and business appropriate, or cool and casual.

Not only it has a high absorbency rate and holds up to 27 times its own weight in water, but also becomes stronger when wet, so the more you sweat the stronger you cotton clothing becomes. The perfect suit for sizzling sunny days and humid tropical heat.

Pair your cotton suit with a solid popeline shirt or T-shirt and mocassino for a relaxed weekend outfit.