Designer Cufflinks – What cufflink are you?

Ça va sans dire that a man able to customize his outfits by choosing refined details, returns to others a more determined and self-confident idea of ​​himself. In this sense, cufflinks have always been the quintessence of men’s jewellery, the distinguishing feature of most stylish looks. This little jewel combines the charm of luxury and the attention to details with a creative flair.

This accessory that for years has been a requisite of a more formal and sophisticated style, back intensely in fashion thanks to the work of contemporary designers, combining elegance and creativity for just about any occasion.

Not everyone has Glenn O’Brienn’s collection, the overseas style guru, who during a GQ interview, defined the cufflinks as one of the few “acceptable form of jewellery for man“. But it is also true, as suggested by O’Brienn, that it is possible “to be splendid” also with just a single-small-accurated one.

Here is a brief overview that will help you to approach the great cufflinks world, allowing you to decide which one fits your personal elegance.

Top classic


Customized, with precious stones, made of white or yellow gold, with a minimal and highly detailed style. Evergreen of men’s jewellery tradition, designed by top brands such as Cartier or Bulgari (in picture). For those who love the discreet charm of luxury and still want the certainty of a delicate and refined look.



Cufflinks with a simple but captivating design. Montblanc, Hermes and Aspinal of London (in picture) are just some style icons for men’s everyday jewellery.  Made of silver or created by artisans. A sporty style, perfect for young and dynimics outfits.

Creative ironic


A stylish up-to-date detail. Creatives as Fonderie 47 ones (in picture), quirkys, ironics and often winking at kitsch. Produced by fashion brands as Alexander McQueen (in picture) or hand-crafted by Deakin & Francis (in picture)master of english jewellery. Created for those who live in symbiosis with design and are not afraid to dare and exceed, for that reason “to wear with care”!

Jewels tell stories, they are memories of the past, achievements of  success and exercises of imagination. Every cufflink tells something, they express personality and suggest the attitude. That’s why it is so important to know exactly how to choose what to wear, because every detail is a message.

Now it’s your turn, what is your style?

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  2. Deeksha says:

    Cufflink is a great piece of wearable accessory for men. It can be worn with a shirt, coat, or blazer. One thing I like the most about cufflinks is that it can instantly enhance the overall look and attire. I belive every man should possess cufflinks to wear on special occasions. Thanks for putting a light on the cufflinks world. Looking forward for more such stuff.

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