Neutral tones and matt finishes: new interpretations of excellent fabrics

The fabrics that make up the brand new Spring Summer 2023 “Sartorial Architectures” draw inspiration from three different themes, which together contribute to define the unique style of the collection. Read this article and the next ones to discover the specific and characterizing elements of each trend, to guide you in choosing the season’s inspiration that are closest to your style.

The first theme plays with the contrast between the senses, i.e. sight and touch, with which we perceive each fabric of the collection.

From that initial and unique perception, the path of creating our Made in Italy garments begins following a fine sartorial tradition that knows how to renew itself without losing its unmistakable style.
The combination of neutral color tones, declined in pastel blues and beiges, with matt finishes and velvety hand is an original solution that gives the garments made with these fabrics a particularly sophisticated and effective note.

Focusing on this theme, we have identified 4 fabrics that best represent the inspiration for renewing your wardrobe with the newness of the season.

Let’s start with the main item in a man’s wardrobe, the blue suit, declined in a fabric with a modern allure and a dynamic spirit like our seasonal proposal that includes the blue stretch cotton fabric of the Subalpino wool mill.
Thanks to the light buffing applied to the surface of the fiber, the final effect is dull and faded, similar to the blue denim. The composition in stretch cotton, moreover, makes the garment comfortable and versatile, perfect to wear in your free time or for those business-casual occasions that require a sophisticated look in the warmer seasons of the year.

As summer approaches, the beige suit represents the perfect substitute for the blue one,still with a sartorial soul, but with a relaxed allure. The fabric chosen to interpret this garment in the SS23 season is made of stretch cotton from the Subalpino wool mill. With a velvety hand and dusty look, it is a spring summer classic, perfect for business environments or informal occasions depending on whether it is combined with a shirt with tie or a knit polo, another trend of the upcoming season.    

As previously mentioned, worn alone or combined with a blazer, next season will see the great return of sweaters, both in the knit version and as a polo shirt. Among the wide variety of the Lanieri selection, we chose the dove-grey Organic Cotton yarn version. Easy to match thanks to the neutral shade, it is soft and comfortable, with a matte finish and is perfect to wear to complete casual looks in spring-summer.

Last but not least, another must have in blue, the polo shirt in piqué fabric, interpreted by Lanieri evolving the traditional concept of the cotton knit by combining it with silk. The mix of fibers makes the garment light and soft to the touch, while visually opaque and perfect for an effective casual chic look even in your free time. Another peculiar feature of the garment will be that it will acquire a distinctive vintage effect with each wash to give you a more personalized interpretation of your own style.

To conclude, new fabrics and new inspirations to be discovered in the Lanieri Spring Summer collection to create a personal and distinctive style on all occasions in life.