New stylistic codes for original weddings

Elegant, ethereal, whimsical, the style chosen for the wedding suit tells a lot about the character of the man who is preparing to live the most important day.

The wedding suit remains forever in the collection of happy memories and for this reason it is essential to dedicate the right attention and care to its choice of every detail, starting from the definition of a tailored fit that guarantees maximum comfort, up to the embroidery on the label inside the jacket. Every groom deserves the pleasure of being able to feel at ease in the best version of himself in an impeccable wedding suit, configured according to his preferences.

In this article we want to guide you in the discovery of particularly refined style solutions that are dictating trends in recent years: even if the majority of future groom prefer the timeless classic of minimal elegance, in our ateliers we increasingly welcome outfit requests more unexpected, often aligned with new locations for weddings or more unusual dress codes.

So let’s find out together what’s new in the world of ceremonies, both for the bride and groom and for witnesses and guests: our Style Advisor from the Milan atelier, Fabrizio, has some interesting ideas to share.

How would you describe the look of the more traditional groom you meet in the Atelier?

Classicism and elegance, this is the request that is most frequently asked by future spouses who approach the world of Lanieri. The cornerstone of men’s style for the big day is certainly the three-piece suit made up of a suit and waistcoat, both in the one-color version, with a waistcoat in the same fabric as the suit, formal, or more precious, with a contrasting waistcoat in silver or gray crèpe, matched with the tie.

As for the fabrics, blue, in this case, is the most chosen color with variations dictated by the time and location. For evening events, we recommend opting for the variants of midnight blue, while for daytime events, the choice focuses on blues with lighter tones, such as cobalt.

What are the least “classic” requests you have received in the last period?

In the last period we have been receiving numerous requests for dresses in new colors suitable for particularly sought-after locations.

I am thinking, for example, of the case of weddings that take place in country churches and with celebrations in wine estates or ancient villas with splendid parks surrounded by nature. For these bucolic contexts, we suggest dark colors that deviate from blue and, for example, explore shades of green. Elegant and at the same time romantic, the green dress in wool and silk fabric from the Ermenegildo Zegna wool mill. Made with Biellese wool and silk, it is light, breathable and perfect for formal summer occasions including ceremonies. The mix between the dryness and strength of Biella wool and the softness and shine of silk creates a melange effect that makes the garment particularly refined while retaining a characteristic rough sensation to the touch.

Green in Biella wool and Silk Men’s Custom Suit

What should someone who has chosen unusual locations, but has a classic style, wear?

In this case, to adapt to rural locations, while maintaining a formal and sophisticated style, for blue lovers I would recommend a trendy pastel shade such as sugar paper blue.
In the linen version, the dress is perfect for summer ceremonies in farmhouses or on the coast with an ethereal taste and whispered tones, a hymn to romanticism.

Paired with a blue silk tie it offers a sophisticated and at the same time relaxed allure, perfect for a morning or afternoon summer wedding.

Light blue in Plain-weave Linen Men’s Custom Suit

How do you imagine the style for a groom who chooses seaside locations?

Imagining a place like Mykonos or Sicily, I would opt for a light and fresh white linen dress, in perfect harmony with the brightness of the place.

With the accessories instead I would play with shades of sand and therefore light green or beige, dove gray and shades of sandstone by combining a tie of this color and matching moccasins, or why not barefoot if the wedding takes place in seashore.

White in Linen-Cotton blend Men’s Custom Suit

If these clothes were then to be reused in everyday contexts, how would you interpret them for this new use?

Great question. More and more frequently, in fact, the customer who chooses to wear Lanieri approaches our brand because he believes in the values of sustainability just like us. For this reason, among the most common requests emerges the need for a suit that can be reused in the future, adaptable to the formal commitments of daily life, so that its life can be as long as possible.

This is why I would reinterpret the 3 suits we talked about by combining them with garments with a casual spirit, such as the knit polo shirts, to make them last longer and follow you in the case of the white or green suit. The blue dress instead, worn without a vest, goes perfectly with a white linen shirt.

On and in our ateliers it will be very easy to buy accessories and complements that can make timeless and even more versatile even these clothes chosen for the most important moments.