Solbiati’s Linen: wrinkled fabrics for charming men

I tessuti Solbiati in lino per  abiti su misura

Among the eldest natural fibers, in use since 2000 a.C. linen has often been associated with the concepts of divinity and purity, to the point of being considered one of the finest fabrics in the world. In the panorama of linen, Solbiati embodies since 1874, a point of reference among the historical companies that work this fiber.

Linen is a light, fresh and comfortable fabric, with a typical summer connotation. Thanks to the internal structure of the fiber that is hollow, linen has an excellent thermoregulatory and moisture-absorbing capacity: a peculiarity that therefore guarantees a feeling of freshness that accompanies the wearer even in the hottest and wettest contexts.

Moreover linen fabrics have typical and ennobling characteristics: antistatic, that is the ability not to attract dust, softness and brightness that are preserved over time, which are accompanied by superior durability and resistance, by virtue of the length of the fiber, which also avoids the formation of pilling making it particularly durable over time.

Within the wide selection of fabrics selected by Lanieri, Solbiati products are characterized by the composition in 100% Linen: this makes them perfect for the creation of suits and jackets that, thanks to the appearance and the unmistakable hand of linen, know how to be elegant and informal at the same time.

Abito su misura in tessuto Solbiati di puro lino

The particular folds, typical of linen fiber, give the garments character, movement and represent a synthesis between elegance and relaxation particularly suitable for the summer season.
The selection of Linen by Solbiati are available in a wide variety of colors including: light blue, olive green, brown and brick red available in canvas armor which are therefore particularly practical and versatile.

The wide range of colors, combined with the versatility of the linen fabric, allow you to freely choose the colors according to your complexion and taste and to compose your outfit by choosing and customizing the details of each garment. 

Tessuti in lino colorati prodotti da Solbiati

For formal occasions, such as weddings by the sea or by the lake we recommend the versions of blue and brown, while for more informal moments, such as an evening at the beach or a casual Friday in the office, the most original and appreciated choice is the olive green and brick shades, very suitable for outdoor events and in the middle of nature. In any situation, custom-made linen garments will be able to give a look with a deliberately wrinkled charm.

Following the advice of our Style advisors it will then be easy to combine them with a white shirt for a more elegant look or with a knit polo for leisure and a modern style.

In conclusion, a suit made in Solbiati Linen represents the perfect mix of elegance and comfort recommended for the man looking for a light and fresh fabric, as well as easy to wear both for formal and informal occasions even in the hottest season.