Zignone Zone: the green fabric that combines eco-sustainability and elegance

The Zone collection of fabrics is part of the peculiarities of Lanificio Zignone and puts them among the precursors of organic in the textile world. This range of organic fabrics, launched in 2012, includes fabrics in pure organic wool, certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, better known by the acronym GOTS. This certification is based on high quality standards in terms of sustainable textile fibers, with a particular focus on the environmental and social dimension of the production.

Within the wide selection of Lanieri fabrics with environmental certifications, Zone is characterized by the composition in 100% organic Merino Wool and represent a precious fabric, thanks to the carefully selected organic wool fibers, ideal for the creation of an elegant and at the same time sustainable (from the beginning) suit.


Merino Wool in fact gives breathability to the garment made with Zone fabric, allowing excellent thermoregulation during the day, as well as a feeling of superior comfort due to the intrinsic elasticity of the fiber: these characteristics make this green fabric particularly suitable for all seasons of the year and any time of the day, always in a perfect shape.

Among the fabrics of the Lanieri selection you will find Zone declined in a beautiful bottle green twill. This choice of color makes it particularly dynamic, modern and fresh. It is therefore a versatile organic fabric applicable to both a dress and a blazer, vest or trousers and that will be able to make you original and impeccable at the same time.

Thanks to these characteristics, our Style Advisors recommend the Zone fabric for formal occasions as well as for more informal ones, but above all for customers looking for a twist of color and modernity, with particular attention to the environment.



The proposal of the green twill in fact can be an exceptional alternative to the usual blue or grey for the office and also makes it perfect for a garment dedicated to special occasions in which the man wearing it wants to stand out. To create a total look, it can become elegant and shine if combined with a white shirt on formal occasions, or complemented by a denim shirt or a white t-shirt to wear informally in your free time.

In conclusion, Zone represents the best choice for the man who is looking for an organic fabric of absolute value, able to marry the values of sustainability and organic with impeccable Italian elegance.