Ibieffe quality and service at the fore for more than 60 years

Company Name


Foundation Year

1960 beginning of the family business

Place of foundation

Busto Arsizio


Classic fabrics
for men’s clothing

Distinguishing features

The smallest shirt weaving mill that produces in Italy

A family history that began in the 1960s  

The name IBIEFFE comes from the acronym I.B.F. derived from the founder of the company Italo Bordignon & Figli who in the 60s opened the company in the textile district of Busto Arsizio (VA) and began to produce fabrics for women’s clothing such as silk and viscose and for male audience with cotton and linen.

Starting from the following decades, from the 70s and 80s, the company’s sales grew and the printing on fabric began to spread in the market, Ibieffe interpreted the trend thanks to its own style office full of ideas and thanks to this move it soon became known on the international market as a company able not only of producing classic fabrics, but also innovative printed fabrics.

In the 90s the company’s business underwent a change with the decision to focus only on men’s fabrics: the production of silk and viscose was stopped and Ibieffe started collaborations with some of the most prestigious men’s fashion brands that directly buy the entire production for over twenty years, making Ibieffe its supplier of excellence.

Ibieffe produce tessuti di qualità per camicie su misura

After almost 50 years of activity, in 2008 the structure of the company took a decisive turn under the aegis of the founder who, after many years of honorable service, left the company in the hands of two of his collaborators: Antonio Cardano, technical and creative designer with extensive experience in the sector, and Andrea Lorenzetti coming from the commercial shirting sector with has much experience in “made to measure” tailoring. Following this event, the production activity was moved from Busto Arsizio to Gallarate, while keeping the spirit of the textile industrial district intact.

Antonio and Andrea are also responsible for the most recent strategic changes, such as the introduction of the concept of “always ready”: a selection of fabrics made up of over 400 variants always ready in stock and available to the customer to be ordered for classic shirts. The concept of “always ready” is not limited to stock availability, but provides a guarantee of delivery in 24 hours and a quality of service that is always constant over time.

Varietà di tessuti Ibieffe per camicie

The suit does not make the man, but the shirt (perhaps) yes 

Ibieffe shirt fabrics are born from the choice of the best varieties of cotton, thanks to trusted suppliers, and then move on to defining the colors and yarns used to obtain fine fabrics, in full respect of tradition and attention to detail.

In fact, only the best twisted yarns, through a production process with very high standards, are transformed into an Ibieffe fabric: this particular care of the entire supply chain is a key element for excellent results both in terms of quality and aesthetics and performance on the finished product.

The collection features a wide selection of variants related to the world of classic shirts, particularly suitable for the tailoring scene, which however are versatile and applicable in other areas and different occasions of use. 

Among the items available alongside the classic and unchanged fabrics from 2008 to today, to guarantee maximum reliability and safety for historical customers, we find always new products, which are constantly updated to meet the demands of the evolving fashion world.

Creativity and quality

Made in Italy, quality and creativity: these are the characteristics that distinguish Ibieffe, which also represents the smallest shirt weaving mill that produces in Italy, configuring it as an excellent artisan reality.

The internal style office of the company is the fulcrum of Ibieffe’s creativity and is made up of highly specialized professionals, able to express the maximum through the use of raw materials and production specifications to obtain fabrics of charm and quality and respond to customer requests, even for the most demanding client who require exclusive customized collections.

Another strength and real mission of the company is the total internal quality control that guarantees an impeccable fabric.


In conclusion, Ibieffe represents an artisan reality in which elegance, Italian style and tradition are combined with innovation and dynamism in both the production and creative spheres to offer shirt fabrics of absolute value.