Reda Group: innovating for sustainability

Company name

Successori Reda S.p.A.

Year of establishment


Place of establishment

Valdilana (Piedmont), Italy


Sustainable pure Merino wool fabrics

Distinctive features

First textile company in Italy and one of the first worldwide to receive the B Corp certification. Benefit company since 2022

A heritage of excellence passed down from generation to generation

The story of Reda began in 1865 in Valle Mosso, Piedmont, where entrepreneur Carlo Reda founded the historic woollen mill, later purchased by the Botto Poala brothers, already successful in the textile industry. It is under the Botto Poala’s family leadership that the company started growing and developing until it became known and appreciated worldwide.

Reda’s passion for the creation of the highest quality Merino wool fabrics goes hand-in-hand with the constant search for improvement that has always guided the Group. True to this, and in order to experiment with the use of Merino wool and improve product quality further, Reda started purchasing raw materials from Australia in 1975, marking a true change in the textile supply chain.

This marked the beginning of a strong bond with Oceania, which became the supplier of premium raw materials as well as a source of inspiration and a place of study and research along the production chain. In 1993, Reda purchased its first farm in New Zealand, Otamatapaio, later purchasing another two to reach a 30,000 Merino sheep count.

Innovating for quality

“Change is inevitable”: these words, featured at the entrance of the Crocemosso plant, represent the spirit that has guided the company for over 150 years, halfway been tradition and innovation.

Reda’s premium fabric offer falls into two main categories: formalwear and leisure. The formalwear section includes the Reda 1865 range, which features superior classic fabrics created for tailoring, while the Reda Flexo line offers smart stretch fabrics that are especially good for frequent travellers who expect superior comfort and crease-free fabrics. The leisure section is centered around Reda Active, created in 2012 to offer more technical options.

Sustainable from start to finish

Sustainability has always been a part of Reda’s DNA and has driven a growing commitment, year after year, towards achieving important goals.

The main activities conducted by the company involve support for the farmers, as embodied by the Reda Sustainability Award, as well as manufacturing-related activities such as the innovative water purification system implemented in the Crocemosso plant in 2008 and the installation of 100 photovoltaic panels with a view to reduce electricity consumption and CO2 emissions.

Transparency and traceability have been the two guiding principles followed by Reda to offer its customers outstanding fabrics and unique guarantees, as shown by the major certifications received since the early 2000s.

Major recognition came from the B Corp certification received in 2020. This confirms Reda to be truly unique, as the first Italian textile company and one of the first worldwide to receive the certification. Being a B corporation means respecting the highest international standards in terms of economic, environmental and social impact.

In 2022, the company reached another important milestone by becoming a benefit company and modifying its status. As a benefit company, Reda commits to pursuing common interest goals and operating in a responsible, sustainable and transparent manner towards people, the environment and various stakeholders.