Assoluto, the “stress relief” fabric in wool and carbon

Invented at the beginning of the 90s by the Carlo Barbera wool mill as a result of an exclusive technical process that has been patented, the Assoluto fabric represents a historic and at the same time avant-garde product, thanks to the application of carbon, with characteristics that make it versatile and an unicuum in the panorama of men’s clothing.

Among the best sellers of the Lanieri selection, Assoluto is composed of 99% extra fine 150s Merino Wool and 1% Carbon fiber and represents a precious fabric, thanks to the 150s fine wool fibers coupled with carbon, suitable for all seasons and able to guarantee a garment of elegance and impeccable refinement.

More specifically, the extra fine merino wool gives the garment properties such as thermoregulation and elasticity that make it suitable for temperature changes and at the same time allow it to keep the fold well and avoid rubbing even on the most demanding or stressful occasions, such as busy workdays outside the office or travels. Thanks to these characteristics, the garments made with the Assoluto fabric are recommended by our Style Advisors both to be transported in a suitcase and to be worn to travel.

Moreover the carbon fiber joins the peculiarities of wool and adds to the garment the unique property of protecting and freeing from the magnetic fields generated by the electronic devices to which we are exposed every day and which can be a source of stress for the body and mind, with consequent effects on sleep and the ability to concentrate. Choosing Assoluto means wearing a garment that can support in all those situations in which life “puts us to the test”.

In the wide range of fabrics available you will find Assoluto declined, for clothes, in twill with two color options including blue, exclusively for Lanieri, and pinstripe gray, both versatile and perfect to be worn on official occasions, such as weddings or social events, and in the office

Among the jackets you can choose between the two twills previously mentioned and the blue hopsack version, perfect for leisure time and to fully enjoy the elegance of this garment in total relaxation.

Assoluto means a choice of style, elegance and stress relief.