Reda Flexo, the smart stretch fabric for high-performance garments

The perfect garment? One that combines style and elegance with the right level of performance and respect for the environment. In order to meet the current needs of the male wardrobe, Lanieri enriches its offer by introducing Reda Flexo, the smart stretch and high-performance fabric that brings together Reda’s traditional Merino wool and a sustainable elastomer with reduced environmental impact.

The result? A fabric able to adapt to the body’s movements and to ensure impeccable performance, while respecting the environment. Reda Flexo is the ideal choice for naturally stretchy and extremely comfortable suits, jackets and blazers guaranteed to look flawless style throughout the day.

Reda Flexo fabrics use ROICA™ V550, a new generation polymer belonging to the ROICA Eco-Smart™ family, the world’s first range of responsible premium yarn. Designed by Asahi Kasei’s Research and Development team, a historical Japanese company boasting a long-lasting experience, ROICA™ V550 represents a revolution in terms of sustainable and technological innovation as it combines the need for elasticity and comfort with the request for sustainability and respect for the environment.

ROICA™ V550 is a premium stretch fiber, superior to any other in terms of quality as a result of the relentless research and optimization efforts that go into its production.

The reason for ROICA™ V550’s uniqueness lies in its sustainable nature, one for which it was awarded a Gold Level Material Health Certificate by the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute. Assessed for its environmental impact, ROICA™ V550 breaks down without releasing substances that might harm the environment or people, as verified and tested by the Hohenstein “Environmental compatibility” certificate.

Furthermore, ROICA™ V550 is gentle on skin while ensuring comfort and safety. The perfect combination of responsible innovation and smart research, ROICA™ V550 is ideal for comfortable stretch-enhanced garments that can be worn on any occasion, from business to travel.