Get the look: relaxation in the mountains

After the whirlwind of pre-Christmas events, parties and aperitifs we can finally focus on a few days of real vacation from the mundane and choose a quiet location where we can relax, perhaps in contact with nature, and regenerate our energies away from daily stress.

The mountains are always a great option, to spend a few days with friends under the banner of fun and carefree.

For this reason, we thought to propose you 3 looks to show off on this occasion and with which you will be able to stand out with elegance even at high altitudes.


“What I love most and what gratifies me most in my work is being able to find the solution that best suits the client’s needs in a way that makes them happy and satisfied in turn. I like to think that I can help others enhance themselves. I love beauty in all its facets, and I think every individual is unique and special and therefore should be enhanced in the best possible way!”

What are the starting points for you on which to build a look for the mountains?

My advice for an ideal outfit that allows you to enjoy your mountain vacation to the fullest is definitely to aim for comfort without sacrificing style. The outfit possibilities can be many and change depending on the occasion or the types of garments everyone prefers.

The must-haves to take with you for festive evenings in the mountains or walks while sipping mulled wine are definitely: Coat, Sweater or Knit Polo, Chino Pants or Joggers in warm fabrics and a warm wrapping scarf.


Let’s start with a stylish yet practical look, what would you recommend?

The starting point of the look, for me, is a true winter classic: the beige turtleneck in 100% Cashmere. Customizable in design-which can be plain, ribbed or braided-it represents a must-have for staying warm wrapped in a cloud of softness thanks to Cariaggi’s cashmere fiber.

Given the choice of a neutral color like beige, I suggest building a charming look by playing with earth tones. In this case, therefore, I would add a light brown stretch cotton twill chino pant, practical and warm, and a brown scarf in 100% Regenerated Cashmere.

Completing the look is a splendid patterned coat in Stretch Wool from the Reda wool mill that can be made to measure and in loden, single-breasted or double-breasted versions. The gray and brown Pied de poule design on a beige background will be the finishing touch for a bold winter look with a well-defined style that will make you flawless even in the middle of winter.


Now let’s move on to a warm, but casual-spirited look. What would you suggest in this case?

For clients who prefer an informal style, I often recommend the knit polo, or the wool version of the polo shirt, which perhaps best of all combines elegance and practicality in casual settings. 

The knit polo can also effectively replace a shirt under a flannel jacket on more casual occasions.

In combination I would opt for a white stretch cotton twill jogger that is warm and comfortable as well as very chic.  Finally, to complete the look I would recommend a tailored coat made from a brown wool twill fabric from Lanificio Subalpino that, thanks to a special wash, has a rough hand, a knit-like appearance and is the perfect complement to a jogger and a knit polo to be casual, with style.


Tell us your vision of elegance?

As an image consultant, what I strongly advise my clients and repeat often is to dare with colors even in the cold season. Not only summer, in fact, lends itself to color games or bright colors. The important thing is not to forget about our ‘friendly’ colors according to the armocromy and the winning contrasts you can adopt with the color combination of your palette.

Given your suggestion, can you propose two garments that can give a pop of color to the looks?

Starting with the sweater, I suggest a turtleneck in the moss green version, which is very nice and easy to match. In fact, it lends itself to liven up a look in beige or blue tones.

As for the chino pants on the other hand, given the location, I would recommend Pontoglio’s version of the yellow ochre velvet chino. Lively, colorful and very warm thanks to the insulating power of velvet, it will be able to give light and color to any look and is easily paired with both green and blue or gray.

The last fundamental advice I feel like giving is to pay attention to the matching of the right accessory to complete the look such as, for example, a belt to match the shoe, a scarf that can pick up the colors of the outfit or a clutch bag, especially for the evening occasion, to add a chic note in case you want to wear a technical blazer or a flannel jacket!