When fabrics become accessories of excellence

Company Name

MA.AL.BI. .srl
Manifatture Alto Biellese

Year of foundation


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Scarves, stoles and plaids in wool and cashmere

Distinguishing marks

Woolen mill and manufacturer of accessories in fine fibers for more than 80 years

The history of MA.AL.BI. begins in 1947, the year the company named Manifatture Alto Biellese was founded in the center of Biella, a city known throughout the world for its prestigious and ancient textile tradition.

For three generations and more than 80 years, Manifatture Alto Biellese has handed down the art of creating wonderful textile accessories, made with the finest yarns, affirming a recognizable style and an excellent quality standard of materials and workmanship.



The distinctive feature of the activity and success of MA.AL.BI. soon becomes the specialization in the production of clothing accessories such as, for example, scarves, stoles and plaids.

From a production point of view, the company follows the entire production chain: from the fabric to the cut, up to the packaging of the accessory, also passing through the more delicate phases, such as for example the finishing which, in the case of accessories, is often more elaborate and requires a very high attention to detail.

Among the patterns that characterize the scarves of MA.AL.BI. there are both plain and striped design and jacquard obtained with shuttle looms and with the jacquard looms with the same name.

As for the fibers available, the variety ranges from wool to cashmere, from silk, to more typically summer fibers such as modal, linen and cotton, to get to hundreds of compositions, sizes and patterns to choose from.

Another important aspect of the value of MA.AL.BI. it is the attention to the criteria of sustainability: the company has in fact started processing procedures that comply with the standards for the protection of the environment.

As evidence of its commitment to a more sustainable future, the company has obtained GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certification for all production and packaging processes. With the GOTS MA.AL.BI. undertakes, on a voluntary basis, to comply with a specific standard regarding organic fibers and adherence to defined social and ecological criteria.

Among the objectives, defined for joining the GOTS, is the achievement of complete traceability in relation to the entire production and distribution chain, to guarantee the final consumer that the products are actually made according to a certified organic approach.

Another sustainable area in which the company is active is in the use of regenerated fibers: with regenerated cashmere MA.AL.BI. has developed a collection of scarves which retain all the qualities of the highest quality yarn and at the same time represent an excellent example of how it is possible to give a second life and renewed splendor to previously used fibres.


In the Lanieri catalogue, the scarves by MA.AL.BI. represent a brilliant idea to complete looks with a refined touch of style, as well as an excellent gift idea for any season.