Lanificio Subalpino: imagination and quality, a winning combination

Company name

Lanificio Subalpino

Foundation year


Place of foundation

Quaregna Cerreto – Biella


High quality fabrics with a specialization on fancy yarns and seersucker

Distinguishing marks

Modernity, creativity, stubbornness

1975 – tomorrow: from the first spool to the plot of the future

Color and creativity are the elements that have characterized the production of Lanificio Subalpino for almost 50 years: two values that – like the weft and the warp – become intrinsic components in every fabric, essential in the company’s DNA.

It all began in 1975, with the inauguration of a small production of fabrics called Lanificio Subalpino. It is the first chapter of a family story, started by the founder Luciano Zanone, which is connected with the history of the flourishing Biella textile industry.

A constantly growing reality, which in these five decades has never lost its creative attitude and desire to experiment and has evolved by riding the fluctuations of the markets with an excellent combination of tradition and innovation, culture and intuition.

In 2019, the acquisition of the company by Andrea Rosa and Alberto Tamburrano marked a new and important chapter in the life of Subalpino and its philosophy, adding a new breath of creativity and innovation to inspiration, inventiveness and “spark” of the Zanone family.


From day one, without distancing from the Biellese factory where the first shuttle went into operation, the people who give life to Subalpino are the authors of a story that continues to write its own future, of which each fabric represents a completely new chapter.


The nuances that make the difference

The starting point of the Lanificio Subalpino is the attention to the fabric, thoroughly investigated in every technical and expressive potential. In fact, each fiber responds differently to colors and each combination of colors creates a different effect on the different fibers; after all, making a difference even in the smallest detail is the company’s goal.

Lanificio Subalpino offers a multifaceted catalog of fabrics, colors and patterns, to give substance to every creative idea born internally. From spinning to warping, from knotting to weaving, each phase combines the artisan tradition of the wool culture with the new possibilities of technological evolution

With dedication, know-how and a pinch of stubbornness, Lanificio Subalpino offers, from collection to collection, and with the reliability of a solid heritage, an abacus of possibilities suitable for the most creative purposes.

Passion, imagination and experience can be breathed in every process of cotton and linen, seersucker, poplin and mats, modern patterns and yarn-dyed plain colors, with both classic and innovative finishes, ideal for making jackets, suits, trousers, jackets and coats with a ‘modern allure and at the same time respectful of tradition.


Creativity, for Lanificio Subalpino, is a luxury to be worn every day.

Precisely for this reason, within the Lanieri selection you will find a wide variety of wool mill fabrics declined both in noble fibers such as yak and innovative mixes like the ones containing hemp and linen. Among the weaves, there are also canvas and twill fabrics as well as seersucker, a real strong point in which the Lanificio Subalpino stands out in terms of expertise.


Beige in Twill by Yak Trousers 


Earth and fabrics: the commitment for the future   

The quality of Lanificio Subalpino is the protagonist in every fiber and process and is also reflected in the attention towards people and the planet, with environmentally conscious choices, starting from the identification of raw materials.

Sustainable development is a key value for the company, a commitment that starts from the product to reach global issues.

Among the activities undertaken by the wool mill to support a green transition are the collections that emphasize the potential of the fiber (yak, wool, alpaca, but also cotton, linen and hemp) in their natural shades, without the use of dyes, and those concentrated on regenerated natural fibers: noble waste from extra-fine worsted spinning, already tops-dyed, developed into a soft carded yarn.

Season after season, the company is committed to improving to all-round sustainable development, to express a production that leaves its mark, but not an imprint on the environment.

If the future were a color, Lanificio Subalpino would like it in the brightest shade of green.