Style on track: Lanieri’s winning SS21 staples

Athletics, the original sport?

Athletics, also known as track and field in North America, never fail to conjure up images of Ancient Greece, statuesque athletes and the original Olympics.

The disciplines that still make up modern-day athletics date to even further back, with scenes of running depicted in prehistoric times. Further illustrations of running and high jumping were found on some of the tombs of Ancient Egypt as early as of 2250 BC. In other parts of the world, running and stone-throwing were part of sanctioned sporting events during Celtic festivals.

The very first Olympics in 776 BC consisted of a single running event, which introduced the ultimate sporting venue: the stadium. Over two and a half millenniums later, the Olympic Games as we know them were held in Athens in 1896, with the athletics competition at the center of attention. Since then, it has grown into a diverse, inclusive sport, and the most watched event of the Olympics.

Delivering winning performances

Quintessentially summery, much like the star track events of the Olympics, the more casual styles from Lanieri’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection were made with freshness in mind.

Always executed with Lanieri’s trademark Italian precision, the trousers cut a slim silhouette while offering an easy and flawless fit thanks to their custom-made nature. The fabrics are all natural, chosen for their timeless elegance and lightweight quality. Smooth cotton or textured linen? Take your pick. Understated and chic as ever, neutral hues such as navy or beige are the ultimate versatile option, whether with immaculate white or bright colors.

Designed to take any summer look to the finish line in style, this season’s shirts and polos offer comfort and simplicity. Will you opt for a laidback polo shirt? Make sure to customize yours by opting for short or long sleeves. Another current favorite: the iconic seersucker shirt, a hallmark of warm weather allure worn and loved by many generations. Lanieri’s revisits the classic white and light blue palette, with a modern fitted look. Pair with light-hued linen and expect a winning combination.