A new spin on classics: introducing SS21’s reinvented staples

Padel, a masterclass in reinventing classics

Now a highly popular contemporary pastime, padel was born amongst a newer generation of sports.

Invented in Acapulco, Mexico, in 1969, it started gaining popularity in Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico, Argentina and Spain, before conquering other European countries such as Italy, Portugal and France. Its popularity in southern Spain, a destination favoured by British tourists, also led to padel fever reaching the UK. Today, the World Padel Tour, or WPT, is played around the globe, from Dubai to Argentina. Opening this April, the 2021 edition will kickstart in Madrid before touring a series of countries.

Directly inspired by tennis, padel comes with a distinctive set of rules. Padel courts boast a singular design that reflects the game’s unique features: smaller in size, they are surrounded by panels the balls can be played off of. The racquets and balls themselves offer tweaks on their tennis counterparts. Through every variation, padel clearly demonstrates how to transform classics by approaching them from a fresh perspective.

Staples with a twist

Lanieri’s latest seasonal line-up further illustrates how to rethink sartorial classics.

Pinstripes, also known as “tennis stripes” in France (coincidence?), have always been infused with a suave spirit, a striking combination of formality and flair. Can they be worn in a way that reflects the way we dress today? Absolutely. True to the collection motto, Live to Astonish, Lanieri’s delivers a fresh take on pinstripes via a double-breasted suit; crafted from sage grey wool adorned with wider stripes, it cuts a fitted silhouette that reflects contemporary aesthetics.

A true summertime tradition, linen transcends trends and generations. Lanieri’s latest proposals infuse it with a dynamic spirit. The most current way to wear it head-to-toe? Rather than going for all-white, adding some color in a neutral shade is a great way to break the monochrome look while enjoying the fabric’s incomparable lightweightness. We suggest you give this combination a try for your next post-game refreshments.