Get the look: autumn in the city

The fresh morning air and shorter days herald the arrival of autumn, a period in which textures change and fabrics become more thick, to warm and wrap with style and elegance. Even the colors change and the shades warm up approaching the colors of the earth and nature.

Therefore, these are the perfect conditions for those outdoor walks, dinners with friends and social moments to taste the typically autumn flavors. For these occasions, garments need  practicality and comfort, without giving up exclusive and refined details.

In this research we have involved Marco, style advisor of our new atelier in Paris – Louvre, who expresses an impeccably Italian style, with a deep knowledge of French taste, that will follow us to create two versatile and effective outfits for the autumn arrival.

The distinctive feature of Marco’s style is color. In the personalized advice he dedicates to each client, the reflection on the best combinations of garments and fabrics always starts from this point: “When I talk about color, I mean color combinations. This is because, in my opinion, knowing how to combine colors properly is a real art.”

And he adds: “When done right, the combination of colors in an outfit brings out the whole personality, character and taste of the person.”

So let’s discover the perfect autumn men’s outfit with Marco.

Which men’s garment represents, in your opinion, the transition from summer to autumn?

If I had to identify a versatile garment with an autumnal spirit, I would immediately think of overshirt, a passe-partout that can be both casual and elegant depending on the other garments it is combined with.

In the wide variety of fabrics available, we can choose to make our custom overshirt with a soft cotton velvet, or with wool, available both in the worsted version with a technical aspect and in wool flannel, more refined and formal.

As for the shades, on the other hand, the proposal ranges from the classic tones of blue and green to the more typically autumnal colors, such as brick red or beige, perfect for preparing for the change of season and for dressing up by creating the indispensable overlaps ideal for mid-season.


Let’s start with the more casual version, in this case how would you combine the overshirt?

For an autumn look to show off in the city and that lends itself to various leisure occasions, I would recommend opting for the beige velvet overshirt.

It can be worn as outerwear, for cool October days, if combined with a shirt or a polo shirt, as well as for colder days. In this case, we combine the overshirt with a sweater and complete the look with a coat.

The cotton velvet, in fact, warms and guarantees an excellent insulating capacity and can be used frequently, thanks to the resistance and practicality of the fabric.

Under the overshirt I recommend choosing a crewneck sweater, made in Italy with a brick red cashmere yarn from Cariaggi. By virtue of the 100% carded cashmere composition, the sweater will be warm, enveloping and soft, with a matte and clean finish and a touch of chromatic vivacity that brings out, by contrast, the beige of the overshirt.

As for the trousers, on the other hand, a stretch cotton twill chino by Tessuti di Sondrio that is warm and thick. Moreover, this type of trousers can be easily combined, in a second moment, also with a classic wool hopsack blazer or with a jacket in a patterned fabric that recalls the color.

And if we want to move towards a casual chic outfit?

From my point of view, a must have in a casual chic option is the total look: an original and refined look, suitable for an aperitif in the center, for a relaxing Sunday or for an evening event. In this case we combine the beige velvet overshirt with the corresponding trousers in the same fabric, playing with the color of the sweater, which can be a turtleneck or a contrasting crew neck.

Another option, equally chic and characteristic, is the combination of beige with blue: an indissoluble duo that guarantees a foolproof result. We then complete the look with a shirt, white or blue, or with a burgundy sweater and a pair of brown suede loafers.


How do you recommend combining the overshirt with those who prefer a more classic style?

In this case, I recommend the overshirt made of a fine fabric such as wool.

In particular, I suggest the brown worsted flannel version in 100% Wool of the Reda Active line is charming and practical. The garment guarantees excellent elasticity and thermoregulation, while the light raising applied to the flannel and brown fabric gives this autumn look a refined and elegant connotation as well as easy to match in multiple variations.

With this version of the overshirt I suggest to play on the tones of nature like a beige sweater in 100% worsted cashmere and, finally, a tailored chino in olive green stretch cotton twill fabric from the Tessuti di Sondrio cotton mill.


Which details would you recommend to complete our autumn look with a touch of color?

For a fine outfit, enriched with colorful details and also excellent to be worn at work, I recommend combining both overshirts with a light blue flannel shirt and a green patterned tie. 

The ultimate in style? A pair of dark brown chelsea boots or, for a more dandy look, a pair of belgian loafers in green velvet to match the color of the tie.

For those who can’t stand cold temperatures I suggest adding a scarf with maxi horizontal blue and burgundy stripes in 100% Cashmere that gives a modern and casual touch and goes perfectly with brown and beige.

Finally, to veer towards a more formal style, I suggest replacing the cotton trousers with white wool or beige yak trousers: a precious combination that is also perfectly suited to contexts where it is good to present yourself with class and refinement … always with discretion, as any gentleman knows.