Get the look: impeccably formal

The weeks between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn are usually a period full of new commitments and enthusiasm: not only the return to the office, but also social occasions and gatherings. The goal of every gentleman is obviously to show himself at his best in all circumstances.

Emphasizing your personality through a careful choice of clothing is a simple, but always effective way to tell a little about yourself and stand out.

In our monthly appointment to discover the best men’s looks, our guide today is Riccardo, style advisor of our atelier in Rome, who will provide us with brilliant tips for creating 3 elegant and impactful outfits.

Passion for elegance as the first form of respect for oneself and others and a natural inclination towards a classic and sober style, which finds its exclusivity in the choice of fabrics and in the personalized tailoring detail. These are the criteria for choosing the suits that we will discover together with Riccardo, who specifies: “Obviously a good outfit is not enough to be elegant, but refinement is a fundamental factor that will make you unforgettable.”

Which garment represents for you a must have for the return to the office?

Personally, I believe that Ermenegildo Zegna’s pinstripe flannel represents a must have for the businessman for the coldest months of autumn and winter. Perfect for the man who wants to distinguish and impose himself in his work environment with style and authority.

It is, in fact, a classic pattern, mistakenly considered demanding, which is at the same time suitable for any professional environment, especially for those who want a change from the classic blue and gray solid color and add a touch of style to their office suit.

Made of 100% Australian wool, this precious fabric is part of the Zegna Loop collection, which was created to revive the fibers recovered from previous productions, for a distinctive elegance that is attentive to sustainability.

How can you best match a pinstripe suit?

I recommend a white shirt with a blue micro-striped pattern, to which you can add a contrasting tie with a pattern that recalls the color of the shirt, to make your look less serious and more refined overall.

Specifically when it comes to accessories, my suggestion is to combine pieces with contrasting colors in micro-patterns and, for those who want to dare, on colder days add to the look a vest with four tone-on-tone buttons, with a contrasting lining to match to the tie; a real touch of class!

Finally, if an aperitif is scheduled after work, no more tie and a nice pocket square folded in a cheeky way will make your look flawless.

What if someone wants to wear a sophisticated but less evident fantasy?

In this case, the fabric I would suggest is the Prince of Wales which, declined in a suit, represents an iconic piece of masculine elegance. In fact, he conquered his popularity thanks to King Edward VIII, who later became Duke of Windsor, famous for the unmistakable, eccentric and refined style of his tailoring garments. Thanks to him, the Prince of Wales still represents an iconic and at the same time versatile design.

In this case, the dress is made of a 100% wool fabric from the Successori Reda wool mill which offers this version of the pattern with a slightly marked check pattern, characterized by delicate and very elegant blue lines. In this version, the dress can be worn easily in all seasons of the year and for business meetings, thanks to the lightness of the fabric and the natural elasticity of the wool.

Given the presence of light blue detail, to stand out at its best it will be enough to combine a classic white shirt in cotton fabric, to which you can add a solid color tie: an ideal composition for a day at the office and on formal occasions. Finally, to complete the whole, a pair of lace-up derby shoes in black brushed leather, with silk socks of the same color. 

My additional advice, for tailor-made lovers who want to dare a little more, is the double-breasted version of the dress made with this fabric, for a “dandy” style.

For those who prefer to stick to a more classic style?

In the third outfit I added a timeless classic: the blue wool twill suit by Loro Piana; it has a soft and compact hand and gives great brightness to the wearer.

This is a style choice that gives maximum prominence and therefore I recommend it for the most important appointments, whether in the office or during a ceremony. Thanks to the classic blue tone, this fabric also matches all complexions and is easy to wear, without ever being dull.

If we consider the work environment more specifically, I propose the version of the classic double-breasted, institutional and elegant, combined with a shirt with a thin line and a silk tie with a floral theme, to complete with flair and add personality.

Another important detail in this case are the shoes, recommended in a shade of brown: they will match perfectly with a dark brown brushed leather belt and with customizable dark brown buttons. The effect will be very exclusive and refined!

Are you traveling for work and can’t bring a second full suit? In this case, I propose to customers to add in their hand luggage a smoky gray wool trousers that will perfectly match the jacket of the blue suit in combination with a light blue or white shirt.

You told us about the versatility of this dress, which is also suitable for ceremonies: which details and combinations change on this occasion?

The preciousness of this fabric makes it an excellent choice both for your wedding and for other uses, in the office or in a professional studio. 

However, what should not be missing, for ceremonial use, is the double-breasted waistcoat: in this case, I recommend choosing between shades of pearl white, silver or ton sur ton. To complete it all, a silver bow tie or a pearl white tie: with a suit so precious and flawless in every detail, the sensations of well-being and self-confidence will make the most important day in a man’s life even more memorable.