When denim becomes elegant

An air of vacation and a desire for free time, these are the key elements that distinguish jeans in the collective imagination.

Let’s start from the origins of denim to tell you the story behind it and present the fabrics with this effect that we have chosen to include in our collection because of the unmistakable casual and stylish touch that has made denim a timeless icon.

Dènim or jeans is a fabric composed mainly of cotton, generally blue and historically used for the making of trousers called jeans.

Denim can be blended with other fibers such as elastane, linen or wool to achieve specific characteristics and performance.
The weave used to make the jeans is twill, ideal for obtaining a structured and resistant fabric, characterized by the typical diagonal design that was used in the past to make “work wear” garments.

Its origins date back to the 15th century and can be traced both in Piedmont and in France where a sort of very resistant blue fabric was originally produced and then evolved to become the icon we all know today.

As for the name, the term “denim” derives from the French city of Nîmes, where it was initially produced and where it was called “Serge de Nîmes” or Nimes’ twill.
In England, on the other hand, this type of fabric was called “blue jeans” because its diffusion started through the harbor of Genoa, hence “bleu de Gênes”, or blue of Genoa – blue jeans.

Denim therefore represents the evolution of fustian, but, unlike the fustian, has a warp of a light color, usually white or beige, while the weft can be blue or light blue or, more rarely, even gray, black or white and has a diagonal effect typical of the twill, more or less visible depending on the colors chosen for the warp and weft.

In the wide Lanieri selection you will find garments that have interpreted the jeans in a more refined and elegant key, a “denim effect” that we have chosen to apply to precious fabrics such as wool, linen and cotton.

The first themed chino trousers that we present are made of Wool and Linen and are therefore very light, breathable and comfortable.
The breathability is given by the wool, while the freshness is characteristic of the linen: from this combination of natural fibers borns a very delicate and pleasant sensation, pleasantly summery.
The denim effect in this case is declined on dark blue and is perfect for those looking for a casual but refined style: it also goes well with a classic shirt and a more formal jacket and is an excellent choice to wear for casual Friday or in special occasions of free time.


The second selected trousers, on the other hand, are characterized by a more marked denim effect, and by virtue of the composition based on Cotton and Wool, it is solid and resistant as well as structured. The sporty and casual look is suitable for use in free time, combined with a polo or t-shirt to which a pull jacket or blazer can be added to add a touch of style. CHM7101-0010

Another great timeless classic is the denim shirt. Lanieri’s reinterpretation of this real must have takes place through the choice of precious fabrics that reproduce the denim effect, with subtleties that make it suitable for wearing on all various occasions.

The first option in this case is the light Blue Denim Effect shirt, 100% cotton and extremely soft and resistant, as well as light and comfortable to wear. Thanks to a slightly marked denim effect, it is ideal for a modern and distinctive look and is also versatile, easily combinable, and particularly effective for rejuvenating a classic suit, perhaps blue or beige, or paired with an informal jacket in your free time. 

The latest version we offer is the jeans-effect shirt in the classic and iconic color: the intermediate blue jeans for excellence. Of medium weight it can be worn comfortably alone, perhaps combined with a beige or white chino or under an informal blazer. 

Finally, for a fashionable and trendy look, we recommend the total denim look: sophisticated and not easy to combine, but certainly impressive. An excellent combination in this sense is the one between the first trousers and the second shirt: a look worthy of James Dean or the Marlon Brando of the best times!