Brunello Spa: a female company that focuses on technology, innovation and teamwork

Company Name

Brunello Spa

Year of foundation


Place of foundation

Brunello (VA)


Linings and fabrics with a very high content of creativity and innovation proudly Made in Italy.

Distinguishing features

Since 1927, our commitment has been to create Made in Italy fabrics that are synonymous with excellence, sustainability and traceability.

Since 1927 the female footprint in a full Italian reality  

The foundation of the Brunello company dates back to 1927 when the couple Giuseppe and Maria Ghiringhelli, grandparents of Elisabetta Gabri, the current General Manager, began this adventure on the slopes of the Varese Pre-Alps in the town of Brunello, from which the company takes its name.

Upon returning from the front, Giuseppe became passionate about textile mechanics and started a small company in the backyard, committing himself to produce energy at an industrial level not only for the plant, but also for the city, which at the time was not yet covered by the electricity grid. Since then, the company has become a point of reference for the area and for the people who live there.

Starting from the Second World War, to respond to the difficulties in supplying wool and cotton, the company specialized in the processing of artificial fibers and this activity became, together with the production of linings, the core business of Brunello.

After Giuseppe’s death in 1956, the business management passed to his daughter Anna Maria accompanied by her sister Rossana. An all-female management, in a historical period in which the figure of women was seen as a novelty in the entrepreneurial field. Anna Maria’s foresight leads the company to grow, with an increase in the number of looms from 80 to more than 400 and the enlargement of the production area, which now includes two warehouses.

In addition to the business challenges, the two entrepreneurs are also facing a period of great structural and cultural changes. The production of clothes changed going from tailored to industrial production, with obvious consequences on the timing of the fabric’s industry that was increasingly reduced,  but at the same time allowed the expansion of Brunello’s presence on new markets and the growth of the “Made in Italy” brand worldwide.

To keep up with the times, the company immediately decided to invest in cutting-edge machinery and systems, to ensure the best quality of products in line with market demands. For this reason, technological innovations were introduced such as the combination of the jacquard machine with the air loom, among the first in the world, and still today Brunello is the largest weaving mill in Europe using this technique.

Today Brunello is led by Elisabetta Gabri, after her mother and aunt, proving to be a general manager who looks to the future while preserving the values ​​that have accompanied the history of the company with a spirit projected towards tomorrow: “From my parents I inherited the determination and firm will to do beautiful things well, together with a love of innovation. The vocation for innovative change is crucial for building our future, technological development must be constant. It is essential to firmly believe in your business, that’s why we produce everything we sell, that’s why we are proud to produce in Italy”. 


Jacquard, drawings and imagination

Brunello’s production includes a wide range of fabrics that can be used in various clothing sectors, from men’s outerwear to women’s clothing, from shirts to accessories as well as linings known for their high level of quality and creativity.

The integration of the entire creative and production chain in the company allows us to follow the customer in all phases of the conception and customization, from the choice of yarns to the development of the design to the creation of the fabric.

Another crucial element of Brunello fabrics is the great variety of yarns used including: silk, cupro, viscose, acetate, cotton, wool, elastane, nylon, polyester and innovative fibers.

Eco-sustainable and made in Italy choices are the pillars to guarantee excellence.

In addition to the classic plain and dobby, the patterns range from traditional jacquard, to placed, to unrelated designs, to squared, striped, to both traditional and ink jet prints, piece or yarn dyed, with accurate finishing.

Local roots and international successes

Brunello was born in the town with the same name in the province of Varese and since 1927 it has been committed and passionate to a single goal, that is guaranteeing the best quality of its products.

With more than 65,000 square meters of company surface, the company is developed in the center of the country, of which it is today the fulcrum and driving force, with an eye to the future, but the will to continue to protect the tradition and its local roots.


For Brunello, the concept of “tradition” is an essential concept, which is why the maximum attention is paid to the choice of the materials used, with quality and sustainability which are the fundamental characteristics of the company’s fabrics that today reach more than 70 countries around the world to embellish the garments of the most prestigious Italian and foreign brands.

Those who visit the company not only find 400 looms that work day and night, for a total of 15 million meters per year produced, a finished product warehouse of 15,000 square meters, a show room with about 20,000 items, a capable style office to transform all ideas into real and immediate achievements; but they also find the company history and the stories of the people who have worked there since 1927.

From the product to the environment, the choice is to invest in sustainability and in the future by choosing partners who share the same values ​​to build a better future. Among the main activities undertaken in this sense we find: the use of renewable energy and the reduction of energy waste, through photovoltaic solar panels, as well as the constant measurement of its sustainability performance with the use of certifications such as: FSC, GOTS , GRS, OEKO-TEX, TF (Fashion and Traceability) and the identification of raw materials that have a reduced environmental impact.

Finally, to complete the full commitment to a sustainable future, Brunello’s commitment to social activities is essential, like a real big family in which the relationship with people is based on criteria of respect and sharing.

Ability to look into perspective, continuous and targeted investments and winning strategies, teamwork and sharing of objectives, sustainability and traceability: these are some of the winning ingredients of the company that will accompany you every time you choose a Brunello lining inside Lanieri clothes.