3 office outfit with style even in summer

With the rising of the temperatures and the arrival of summer, an age-old dilemma arises: what to wear in the office to be impeccable despite of the climate.

For this reason, we have decided to create for you three elegant, formal and heat and humidity proof looks by interpreting the classic grey or blue suit in a new and climate-friendly way.

The first look consists of a grey suit in 100% Loro Piana wool.

In fact, grey represents the quintessential shade to have in your wardrobe and wear in all work contexts or important occasions.

In this specific fabric, elegance and formality are combined with the freshness necessary for the season guaranteed by the canvas weave which is resistant and at the same time light. In addition, thanks to the heat-regulating and transpiring properties of wool, the suit allows you to maintain a constant body temperature, release any accumulated moisture, making it comfortable to wear and flawless, even on the hottest days.

Don’t you like full colors or do you already have your favorite grey suit?


In case you want to insert a digression on the theme, this fabric is also available in the 100% wool version of Loro Piana in the Prince of Wales pattern in darker grey, that maintains the previously mentioned characteristics but adds a touch of liveliness to the classic grey suit.

In case grey is not for you, we propose another great classic or the blue suit, in this case made in Loro Piana fabric in 100% Wool twill declined in the Prince of Wales pattern: a simple choice, but catchy. Thanks to the characteristic of natural stretch wool, it is comfortable, versatile and can be worn all year round while maintaining a flawless fold, from morning to night.

To complete the proposed outfits, therefore, only a shirt with a summer spirit is missing. We suggest a 100% Linen shirt with Solbiati Aloe treatment, available in the variants of blue and white.

Linen is in fact a light, fresh, breathable fabric with an internal structure of hollow fiber, which offers excellent thermoregulation and moisture evaporation capacity, therefore perfect for the warmer seasons. In this case, the proposed fabric is part of the Solbiati Street collection which uses Aloe Vera for finishing with the aim of reducing the use of chemicals in production processes in favor of natural products to obtain a soft hand as well as comfortable to wear.

Take also in consideration that all these garments can then be worn separately by combining them with chinos in the case of shirts, for a casual look, or with other cotton shirts for the suites to be used in all the seasons of the year.

There is therefore no better opportunity than this to create an office outfit suitable for the summer season, making you flawless and fresh at the same time.