Courtside style: Introducing Lanieri’s S/S 2021 collection

Tennis, a true gentleman’s sport with a strong style legacy

While racket games have been around for a number of centuries, tennis as we know it today only dates back to 1873, when Major Walter Clopton Wingfield published the very first book of rules.

From England, tennis fever quickly spread to the US, France and Australia; by the early 20th century, the major tournaments as we still know them today were born.

As a number of legendary players went down in history for their sporting prowess, so did their sense of style. The court became a place of innovation and experimentation with a legacy so great it has shaped the way we dress to this day.

A genuine casual staple, the loose piqué shirt with elbow-length sleeves, which eventually evolved into the modern polo, is one such innovation and a key component of the sport’s style heritage.

The outfits once seen on the courts of Roland Garros and Wimbledon have since evolved into the performance-oriented hyper-technical gear we are now accustomed to; that very specific kind of debonair elegance, however, is still very much alive.

Approaching classic ideas from an unconventional perspective

A man dressed in an elegant suit plays on a tennis court

Much like the tennis heroes who went on to become bona fide style icons, Lanieri’s latest iteration of the summer suit shows just how elegance never needs to be stiff.

True to its motto, Live to Astonish, the S/S 2021 collection delivers unexpected variations on familiar concepts. Breaking away from classic representations, this season’s daytime suit injects a unique shot of color into the semi-formal wardrobe.

Not any color: dark green. Look around, and you will see it everywhere: from the logo at Roland Garros to the grass, seats and striped ties sported by members and umpires at Wimbledon. Refined and effortless all at once, it speaks to a sharp dresser who knows how not to take himself too seriously.

What makes it a Lanieri suit is a signature attention to details. Crafted from a wool and silk blend, this is Made in Italy made-to-measure at its best. What takes it to the next level is the white linen shirt, a natural yet inspired choice that truly anchors a flawlessly cut suit into the realm of uncomplicated contemporary dressing.