Valentine’s Day 5 Tips for Gentlemen

It’s that time of year again. Valentine’s Day is upon us, although this occurrence will feel somewhat different. February 14, 2021 will go down in history as a unique date: we are still in the midst of a global pandemic and partial lockdowns are dictating new rules and presenting lovers with a whole new set of challenges.

Despite it all, the pressure is still on gentlemen to surprise their significant other (with a little help from their browser). Even if you believe Valentine’s Day is a convincing marketing plot or no more special than any other day of the week, this is the perfect occasion for lovers to celebrate their relationship and take some time to do something special, this year more than ever perhaps.

Some might say that showing one’s love day after day is enough, but then routine has a habit of getting in the way of our best intentions. This means that taking a break from our everyday to indulge in romance is truly important. How to organize the perfect day? A happy Valentine’s Day is all about small yet meaningful gestures. Channel your most romantic self with these five simple rules.

Think about it

We often hear that “it’s the thought that counts”, so make sure to think about it. While you might hear that it doesn’t really matter, a showing of generosity and some amount of effort might still be expected; don’t fall in this classic trap.

Even if you do not have an extensive budget or are reluctant to buy into the marketing of love, you can still dedicate a gesture to your partner. Find a romantic film or book they’ll love, write a heartfelt note and leave it under their pillow or treat them to breakfast in bed: these are some of the small gestures that will show how much you care and how committed you are.

Surprise them

A surprise is (almost) always a great call, but if you aren’t great at keeping secrets or at reading your partner’s mind, you should give it a miss to avoid any kind of fiasco. Discuss Valentine’s Day together; having an honest chat about what you both want is a great idea. Decide how you want to spend the day and choose something you know you will both truly enjoy.

Staying in for Valentine’s Day

If the current lockdown situation doesn’t leave you with any other option, why not take this opportunity to throw a romantic dinner at home? A candlelit evening in the comfort of their own space might actually be some people’s first choice regardless of the current situation, while others will have to make the most of it.

This calls for the special tableware you never even knew you had. Are you something of an amateur chef? Stick to what you know by opting for your failsafe dishes and keep things simple while trying to adapt the recipes to your guest’s tastes.

You cannot go wrong with genuine flavors and quality ingredients, unless cooking just isn’t your thing; should that be the case, go for one of the many takeaway or delivery options currently on offer. Make your mark by picking the perfect drinks (the right bottle of wine can make a world of difference) and setting the perfect mood.

Going out for Valentine’s Day

Going out for Valentine’s Day this year might not be an option for everyone. Should circumstances allow for it, plan your escape wisely, by organizing a day out, possibly in the countryside while keeping your fingers crossed for good weather.

Don’t overlook your go-to spots: that one restaurant where you may have met on your first date or for those major couple milestones. If Pascalian entertainment is an option, make the most of it while always observing safety rules.

That being said, celebrating Valentine’s Day on the day is in no way compulsory; you may decide to plan something at a later date, may it be an evening at the theater, a brunch or a promise (with the obligatory pinky swear!) to sign up to a cooking or dancing class.

You might also plan something bigger further down the line, such as a trip, as a resolution for the new normal. Whatever you decide to organize, just don’t do so at the last minute; the sooner, the better.

Nothing says romance buzzkill quite like an unexpected twist you could very well have prepared for; you may resume procrastinating after February 14.

Be courteous

Your partner knows you, and they know your habits too, including the least romantic. If you wouldn’t typically describe yourself as the perfect gentleman, any effort you make on that day will go a long way. Pay attention to details and don’t be afraid to be on your best behavior: be early, hold the door open, compliment them on their outfit, show up with flowers… This is old-school romance at its best.

Enjoy yourself

You may think of Valentine’s Day as the Black Friday of Love or you may not consider it any differently than any other day of the month; your partner however may not feel the same way and while they may dismiss it as silly, make sure it actually reflects how they truly feel about it.

Approach it with a positive attitude regardless of your feelings; your posture and body language may say a lot more than you realize. So put your anti-Valentine’s Day opinions aside for a while and put on an enthusiastic face, or try to fake it till you make it at the very least.

Why not enjoy it as a day to do things somewhat differently and make your loved one happy? Turn off that screen, put your phone away and revel in the most romantic day of the year.

Be elegant

Dressing the part will help you feel like a gentleman. Leave your favorite Sunday t-shirt in its drawer and make an elegant statement for a day. Your partner will thank you for it.

Two perfect menswear looks for Valentine’s Day

Don’t go overboard: true elegance lies in understatement. Should you find yourself staring at your wardrobe while struggling to make a decision, choose one of these two timeless looks; they will work perfectly for any kind of romantic occasion.

Smart casual

If you are planning the perfect day out, choose simple garments infused with some amount of character. You may opt for a brown cotton blazer in a check pattern or something warmer and truly elegant, such as a wool and cashmere blazer.

Pair it with a shirt in a solid light hue or a check print, and add simple chinos; the overall look will be casual yet elegant.

Fashionably classic

Are you planning a special dinner on the town or a romantic meal at home? Opt for a classic navy blue suit, a timeless staple that will look sharp in any setting, and add a special touch via a colorful pocket square.

Don’t overlook the shirt, but opt for simple understated designs. A wool shirt could offer the perfect choice.

Choose special socks and make sure to shine your shoes before you step out. Romance is what it is all about: keep that in mind and everything else will follow.

You may now realize that making Valentine’s Day special is a matter of details and small gestures that will help you stand out as the true gentleman you are.