Laidback at heart: Lanieri goes casual for S/S 21

Why beach volley embodies the spirit of casualness

From the way it originated to the aesthetics that surround it, it is abundantly clear how beach volley came to define the very essence of laidback living. While volleyball was officially created in the late 19th century, the first accounts of the game being played on sand take us to the sunny shores of Hawaii where men’s teams may have been spotted on Waikiki Beach as early as 1915. Things really took off in California where the first courts were put up in Santa Monica.

More than a mere leisure activity, beach volley soon became an expression of the laidback lifestyle. While it reached Europe in the 1930s via the beaches of France and was later played by US soldiers throughout the continent after the war, the Golden State is where the sport really came into the spotlight.

There, the first official tournament was held in 1947, followed by the first circuit, which saw games being played from Santa Barbara to San Diego. Beyond the sporting element, it spoke volumes about the essence of the California lifestyle, built around an unbeatable combination of beach, sun and modern music.

Santa Monica’s Sorrento Beach became the theater of epic games played by illustrious names ranging from the Beatles to JFK, not to forget Marilyn Monroe. Meanwhile in Brazil, sponsored games started in the 1950s before gaining momentum on the Carioca beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema.

The sport truly went global and official with the first pro tournaments in the 70s and the first official international tournament held in Rio in 1987; less than a decade later, it debuted as an Olympic sport at the 1996 Atlanta Games.

Flawlessly casual, effortlessly sharp

Looking back at its history as a sport that reached Olympic status while staying true to its profoundly laidback nature, beach volley offers a fitting metaphor for Lanieri’s more casual offering. A seamless addition to its trademark tailoring and sharp formalwear, Spring/Summer 2021’s everyday proposition elevates iconic garments while infusing sartorial classics with a refreshing relaxed spirit.

A nod to the ultimate off-duty fabric, the blue linen and wool chinos offer a clever play on denim while retaining the impeccable cut and expert fit of Made in Italy menswear, both of which have become a true Lanieri trademark.

Paired with a white cotton polo shirt, the look further twists and transforms the legendary blue jeans and white tee duo.

The addition of a single-breasted two-button blazer in beige linen is what takes this revisitation into smart casual territory, making it an ideal summer office look.

As deeply linked to summertime dressing as the tank tops and shorts worn on beach volley courts, white trousers are the kind of warm-weather essential that requires a flawless execution; Lanieri’s linen chinos achieve just that.

To offset their pristine quality, a burgundy linen shirt brings just the right color punch, like a further reminder of the high-octane energy of the ultimate summer pastime.