A lesson in Italian style on Instagram

Whoever is used to attending men’s fashion events has no doubt heard it asked: “What makes Italians so special?”. We’ll try to provide an answer to this recurring question. Entrepreneurs, influencers, journalists: we’ve searched for the most elegant Italian men on Instagram. Here are the profiles of those “made in Italy” gentlemen you absolutely have to follow.

1.Fabio Attanasio

A high-level sartorial expertise at just over 30? Fabio Attanasio can! His posts show his love for traditional dressmaking, and his taste for the classical Italian look.

2.Alessandro Squarzi

Italian style better than anyone else.

The best way to describe him is “eclectic”. Alessandro Squarzi is an entrepreneur and a menswear icon: the best example of the Italian style.

3.Riccardo Pozzoli

A digital gentleman, a 2.0 entrepreneur, he’s the perfect spokesman for the sweet life and the Italian attire. Riccardo Pozzoli is always a fashionable step ahead. 

4.Daniele Biagioli


His style is both relaxed and refined: Daniele Biagioli’s interpretation of male fashion is always original and casual. 

5.Franco Mazzetti

His old fashioned formal wear is more alive than ever. Franco Mazzetti shows us how to reinterpret male fashion’s trends.

 6.Fabrizio Oriani

Fabrizio Oriani’s GWD (Gentleman Wear Daily) hit the target. He’s become one of the most charming Italian influencers in the world, and his good taste is legendary.

7.Giorgio Giangiulio

He’s a menswear consultant, a model, a content creator. Giorgio Giangiulio has become one of the most relevant Italian influencers in the past few years. He’s been able to reinterpret his love for the classical “made in Italy” elegance in a more contemporary way. 

8.Gianni Fontana

Marketer, analyst, journalist, professor, tailored fashion lover. Not only that: Gianni Fontana’s profile shows good style and a passion for all things beautiful.

9.Alessandro Cattelan

He made it into our Top Ten: “Best dressed men in the 2010s”. Of course he’s to be found here, too! Mr. Cattelan is one of the few Italian TV stars who was able to distinguish themselves with talent, irony, intelligence, and above all with elegance. He’s the new Lombard “pop” icon, and definitely a guru to follow. 

10.Giampaolo Alliata


He’s a menswear buyer, and his classical style is so perfect, that it was portrayed on The Sartorialist’s book cover, which says it all.

11.Luca Rubinacci 

Rubinacci is the representative of the new generation of Italian tailors. His serenity, light heartedness and courage make him the “Cicero” of Italian tailored fashion: keep his profile at hand, and be ready to like his posts!