A guide to wedding dress shirts

Polsino gemelli su camicia da cerimonia

The spring season has begun and with it comes the never-ending succession of weddings. Whether you’re the groom, groomsmen, or simply attending a wedding, a well custom dress shirt definitely will help you look your best on the big dayHere’s our quick guide on how to create the perfect wedding shirt.


Although the appropriate colour of a wedding suit has always been matter of discussion, the tone of a wedding dress shirt it’s a pretty easy choice. Easily matched to any fabric (from grey or blue to black), suitable for just about any occasion, definitely versatile: a simple white dress shirt is a cornerstone of any formal yet special attire.

Two important things to consider when creating your wedding dress shirt are weave, fineness and pattern. Finer fabrics like poplin will be a little bit more sheer, so if you don’t plan to wear an undershirt the shirt colour can look darker against your skin. On the contrary, a thicker white fabric such as dobby will usually be a bit more wrinkle resistant and you can avoid an undershirt completely.

What about patterns?

Wedding White Dress Shirts Fabrics


The master of wedding dressing, our Ceremony White Classic Shirt has a special and plain dobby weave with a unique geometric pattern. This is accomplished using a special loom that raises and lowers the warp threads individually. 


A superior cotton shirt with an impeccable striped front. Our Ceremony White Micro Stripe Shirt has an extra texture with a stripe design for an extra dose of charm. A great choice for black tie dress codes.


Elevate your formal attire with our cool Ceremony White Piquet shirt, precisely crafted in Italy from crisp white cotton. Its ultra detailed fabric will add a point of interest to your wedding look.

Collar style

Straight point collar white shirt Cutaway collar shirt Wingtip collar shirt

Depending on the accessories you want to use that day, we usually recommend the straight point or the cutaway collarThe first one looks great with a long neck tie and the wide type sits perfectly with a bow tie.

If you are doing a proper tuxedo shirt you can also opt for the wingtip collar, a less versatile but extremely classy option. To get more information, please check our post about dress shirt collar types.

Cuff style

Wedding Shirt

This depends on the type of ceremony. If the wedding will be extremely formal, maybe black tie, and you’re wearing a tuxedo, then single or double French cuffs are always the way to go. In this case give some special consideration to the cufflinks. Otherwise, if you haven’t planned to wear cufflinks you can easily opt for a simple beveled cuff style. To get more information, please check our post about dress shirt cuff styles


Everything has to be special, even the smallest detail. So don’t get a pocket, it makes the look less formal, and customise your shirt with 4 mm buttons. This thicker premium option will add a sartorial touch to your made to measure dress shirt.