A Guide to Made to Measure Trousers

Slim, high-waist, with plain bottoms, flat front, pleated, casual, tuxedo-style or for your everyday attire? Customising made to measure trousers, as you definitely know, it’s a matter of style choices, but not only. Each tailored piece is, in fact, a great mix of sartorial details, sometimes hidden, that make it something really unique and authentic.

The sartorial waistband split, the tirapancia, the battitacco: here’s everything you still don’t know, that makes so special your Lanieri trousers.

Waistband split

Spacchetto sartoriale

Have you always wondered if that v-split on the back of your trousers was a quality check error? Well, of course it’s not. It is in fact a sartorial secret, perfected by tailors over the years, indispensable for your comfort and the correct fit of your trousers.

Tailored waistband

Look at the inside of your waistband, you will find something called cintella sartoriale. A strip made with wide cotton pleats, customised with contrasting fabrics, which supports your waist and correctly follow hips shape.



That’s one of those little details that can really make the difference when it comes to longevity. The battitacco is, in fact, a reinforcing lining applied to the inside trouser leg at base to protect fabric from shoes upper.


Pinces and pockets

Less deeper and sewn to the outside, pleats have been reshaped in a cooler way, and are back in the spotlight. Essentials for those who keep their hands in pockets or for those who store smartphone, keys or other objects in the pockets. Thanks to their shape the pleats create a largeness necessary to prevent that the fabric stretches messing up the silhouette.


Our pockets are separated from side seam and cut diagonally, according to the best tradition. An additional extra-small stitching, called travetto, sewn in the upper part of our pockets prevents a possible rupture.



An all-day well defined cut? That’s tirapancia’s job. The button+hook system is sewn just above every button flaps. It allows the fabric to remain taut for a sharp cut all day long.

Belt loops


Let’s face it! A gentleman doesn’t often wear a belt, mainly because his trousers are cut to fit to his waist properly. That said, at Lanieri we really want every man to feel comfortable in his trousers, so… You can customise them with belt loops, inserted into the cut and stitched with travetti, or, if you love to wear suspenders, with six internal buttons: frontally on both sides and on the back.


All our tailored trousers are lined to the knee to support the outer fabric and let it slide easily when you sit down.