Man’s wardrobe: dressing for the office in summer

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At the height of summer, while everyone is in a Caribbean resort posting Mojito pictures, you are probably still in the office. If this is one of those years for you, here are some very practical tips about what to wear at work over the next few weeks to survive the heat, muggy days, air conditioning and resist “the shorts temptation”.

How to dress for the office in summer: 7 practical tips

Do the transitioning to a summer wardrobe

If your office has a specific dress code, you will probably enjoy air conditioning, won’t you? If it’s freezing cold in your office, it doesn’t mean you should wear the same old autumn suit. First of all, because you will be hot in a 280 g herringbone suit when you have to walk long distances. Secondly, your heavyweight wardrobe needs breathing, allow it a break, it will last longer.

Check your suit jacket construction

double-breasted blue jacket
Unstructured and entirely unlined, the blazer is the perfect summer option

Let’s be honest, your jacket is your worst enemy in the heatwave. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear it and if you are about to put it off, don’t do it! Just pick the right office jacket.

Have a quick look at all your summer jackets and make sure they are unlined or half-lined, better if they are not provided with shoulder pads. If you are about to buy an office jacket, we suggest that you opt for a blazer instead, with unstructured construction for a greater comfort and lightness.

Learn to tell differences among fabrics

Cotton and linen are the best materials to use in summer: this is a fact (and we keep repeating it!). Yet, staying cool is not just a matter of fibres, but also a matter of weaving.

So, opt for garments cut from plain-weave fabrics, such as hopsack, which helps create air flow. One step behind: what’s a plain weave? It’s the most basic weave, since every weft thread crosses a warp thread, making it hard-wearing.

Do not wear loose-fitting clothing

You are looking forward to wearing loose-fitting clothes, right? A baggy garment can spoil anybody’s style. Do allow a small distance between your clothes and you, your sweat will be able to evaporate then – one centimeter will be enough.

Choose the right accessories

jacket shirt pocket square
Add a touch of elegance to your everyday summer style with a pocket square

Do you like braces? We do understand you, yet, they are ideal for colder months, because they prevent sweat from evaporating. As to the main accessory of man’s clothing, the necktie, we are sure that nobody will blame you for not wearing it. Show off a pocket square instead!

Always wear socks (or a kind of)

Socks are now allowed in the most conservative workplaces: in an unbearably-hot summer you are allowed to bare your ankles a bit. Wearing a pair of no-show cotton socks will save your feet from excessively sweating and then smelling.

Wear an undershirt

It’s hard to believe, yet wearing a thick undershirt will help you stay cooler. Its absorption properties help sweat evaporate from your body and protect your shirts from bleaching in the sleeve area.

Made-in-Lanieri summer wardrobe

Lightness, comfort and colour: these are the keywords of every summer dress code. Blue colour with all its shades, red and beige dominate other nuances. Natural, lightweight and breathable fabrics, entirely made of wool, silk or linen, for a flawless look even on the hottest days.

Lanieri Spring Summer 2017 collection is enriched with new shades and textures. Pure and essential lines, never extreme, designed for contemporary travellers and all detail lovers.

Fresco lana suits, unstructured blazers, linen shirts and, of course, the iconic Solaro: these are some of our Summer staples.

Hopsack blazer

Unstructured, unlined, naturally stretch: is there anything better when the heat beats? A blue hopsack blazer, thanks to its special texture, has an extra-light weight. Combine it with cream-coloured chinos or a simple pair of jeans, and try its double-breasted version at work.

Linen suit

casual chic linen suit
You can wear your linen suit with a dress shirt or a simple T-shirt

Yes, it’s true, linen suits do wrinkle! But that adds character to your outfit, and this is just one feature which makes it stand out amongst other summer fabrics.

Its fibres dampen and dry off very soon, that is why the fabric cools the body during a hot midday. Isn’t that enough? A three-dimensional silk blend fabric adds a tactile dimension to any suit, an informal kind of elegance for special events and summer weddings.

Fresco lana suit

It’s easier than it looks: fresco lana is a very light wool fabric between 230-255 g. This ultimate summer suit fabric, a not-secret remedy to overheating during the hottest summer days and nights, comes in a variety of colours and patterns. A travel-friendly fabric great for summer days and chic journeys.

Linen shirt

refined elegant linen shirt
Considering its casual spirit, customise your linen shirt with a Semi Italian collar

Casual yet refined, the linen shirt evokes hot summer days. The fabric breathes, absorbs moisture and keeps you cool. Colours? From classic midnight blue to light pink or denim colour, it’s up to you. Combine it with elegant trousers for a casual business look or pair it with cotton chinos or linen trousers for a texture on texture effect.

Cotton jacket

The half-lined two-button jacket is a simple yet charming summer garment. A classic, versatile fabric, cotton lasts all day. Available in typical summer colours, you can mismatch your cotton jacket with a pair of different-texture trousers in business contexts which don’t require a specific dress code or in your free-time.

Solaro suit

It’s not a suit for anyone, we all know that. But, obviously, we couldn’t keep it out from our summer top list. Synonymous with spring, the Solaro suit is a perfect mix of flair and elegance. Its special weave creates a shimmering effect that captures light and returns different shades.

Despite its iridescent and shiny surface, which might seem to be an inclination towards flamboyance, its military origins and the standing of the men who wore it (such as Gianni Agnelli), have given Solaro a reputation of composure.