A guide to the perfect suitcase: how to pack and 5 practical tips

A guide to the perfect suitcase

It’s not about the destination it’s about packing. Wherever you planned to go this summer, you will need to pack sooner or later. Frustrating, hard? It is, most of the time, trust us, all the shirt and easily-creasing garment lovers know that feeling! Not only you risk going crazy and waste your time, but also packing the wrong way.

How can you tell a suitcase is well-packed? Just leave, you’ll find out. If the journey to your destination was not uncomfortable because of a heavy luggage, if your shirts didn’t arrive creased and if you didn’t forget any essential, you will have done a good job!

How shall you pack like a pro? First of all, paying attention toto 3 key elements, such as the type of luggage, its garments and the way they are arranged. Secondly, with little organisation and our 5 practical tips to pack your luggage. You’ll reach your destination in a relaxed mood, no doubt on that… Impossible? You’ll see!

A guide to the perfect suitcase

What luggage shall you choose?

It depends on the type of journey and the duration. Practical hand bags are perfect for short-weekend holidays: leather bags are extremely chic. A classy, comfortable, strong accessory for a flawless upper-casual style in every context.

Businessmen always opt for trolley cases when travelling from one country to another, so you will probably have one at home. It’s easy to carry, ideal if you are flying. A hard suitcase is ideal for keeping your garments tidy and its wheels will prevent your clothes from easily creasing: to reach your chic destination with respectable aplomb.

For longer holidays pick up a bigger suitcase. If you have planned a road trip, you should opt for a softer suitcase in order to maximise the space in the boot.

What garments shall you take?

Obviously, we can’t tell you what to take with you on holiday this summer, since we don’t know where you are headed to, yet we can advise you to bear in mind one single word: versatility. It’s important to choose basic garments in neutral colours, so that you can interchangeably match them and create several looks.

What are the essentials for every occasion? Forget your office days but don’t leave your classic fresco wool or linen suit at home. Match a jacket with a comfortable pair of chinos for a more casual “broken” look, wear a classic suit for a more romantic night.

You can’t do without your shirts either. A white and a blue shirt, in linen and cotton, will be perfect with a pair of jeans, comfortable on the beach and formal if you match them with the suit you have taken.

How to arrange your stuff in your suitcase?

You chose what to take but you don’t know how to start packing? Follow the pyramid rule and layer up. Beauty cases, books, electronics, shoes and garments like jeans and shorts should be at the bottom of your suitcase, fragile objects will be in the middle, in order to protect against hits.

You can now arrange your buttoned shirts, paying attention not to crease your cuffs and collars, the most visible parts of your garment. Polo shirts (and jumpers, in case you need them) will be at the top of your case, along with your jackets and the most delicate garments of your wardrobe.

How do you arrange a jacket? Turn the shoulder pad of your jacket inside out and insert the other pad into it, in order to have your jacket folded in half. The lined part will then face outwards. Fold your jacket in half once again in a way that the bottom of your jacket meets the shoulder pads.

5 tips to save time and space

Packing can be easier and quicker than you think. Here are our 5 practical tips about packing before going on holiday.

1. Do the washing before leaving

Overflowing laundry basket? Excellent. Separate all of your pieces by colour and do the laundry no more than 3 days before leaving. If you forget things easily, let Siri help you with a voice memo “Siri, reminds me of doing the washing on [day] at [hour]!” After having washed and ironed all of your clothes, choose carefully the garments to take and put them on a flat surface. Some hours before leaving, remember to layer up.

2. Add some essentials

You are not competing for the lightest luggage, so add two pairs of socks at least, some underwear and an extra t-shirt! You won’t regret it, you’ll see.

3. Take interchangeable pieces

When you have to select the garments to take, opt for pieces of clothing that can be matched with each other. Choose them according to the colour, the materials and the potential occasions of your holiday. It takes 10 and 15 minutes to do that, but you will maximise the space in your luggage!

4. Rolling wins against folding

It might be logical maybe: folding your clothes creases your clothes. What shall you do to avoid ironing when you arrive at the hotel? Roll up! Roll your t-shirts, your shorts, and as many pieces as you can. Then, put them in practical separate bags.

5. Unpack when you arrive

You are already tasting the exact moment when you reach your destination and you finally dive into the swimming pool after leaving your bags in your room, aren’t you? We can’t blame you… one more tip: you should unpack and hang the most delicate garments on hangers in no more than 120 seconds.