Get the look: Night & Day


In everyone’s life there are some important occasions that require a precise stylistic code and do not admit mistakes. In the appointments that dot work days as well as in the evening outings, what matters is to express your personality and feel at ease.

Gran soirè, dances, weddings, gallant dinners are just some of the situations in which an elegant and flawless look can make the moment even more unforgettable.

In the research of these looks we have involved Pio, style advisor of our atelier in Turin, able to transform every outfit into poetry and guide each client in the choice of fabrics and customizations, with passion and competence.

A distinctive feature of Pio’s style is the attention to detail: the art of identifying the peculiarities of each garment and associating them with the personality of each customer: “What inspires me in my work and in life in general is the continuous search for “your”  details, meaning what makes us unique. For me, a made-to-measure suit must talk about you, show the world who you are or what you would like to be, that’s why the attention to detail is a fundamental part of obtaining an exceptional result. “

So let’s discover Pio’s proposals for outfits able to get us noticed, with class, even on the most intense days.


Among the items from the Lanieri Fall / Winter collection, which one would you recommend for evening occasions?

If I had to choose a fabric with a strong personality, perfect for important occasions, I would opt for the pinstripe flannel dress with mouliné effect: a choice that denotes a contemptuously eccentric personality.

What I like and what I find peculiar in this suit is the contrast that is formed in a very natural way between the pinstripe – formed by straight and rigid lines and connected to the idea of ​​a completely composed elegance typical of the ‘30s – and the modern ease of the carded mouliné yarn. In this case, therefore, the pinstripe, moved by the fulling, presents a nuanced line that seems to want to wander towards other borders and new ideas, gaining what we could define a classic and at the same time modern style.

Who would you recommend this dress to?

This suit is ideal for those who are not afraid to dare and can think outside the box. I see it also very suitable for those who love creativity.

As for its use, this is a suit with a strong character, so I would add equally incisive touches of color such as, for example, a solid red pocket square, a symbol of vivacity and inspiration, almost a sort of spark that comes out of the chest. Instead, I would avoid fancy or striped accessories as they look forced and distort the whole look.

For the occasions of use, this is perfect for meetings whether they are gallant or not, perhaps characterized by a pleasant cocktail on a rooftop. To complete it all, a nice shirt, even if you want with the first button open, expressing the determination that pushes you outwards and that seems to say: “I’m not afraid of the world”. 

Which dress is a must for you on the most formal occasions?

Many customers ask me which is the reason to buy a tuxedo if the use we make of it is linked to very formal and therefore rare occasions. My answer is always the same: it is essential for every self-respecting gentleman to have at least one tuxedo in the wardrobe.

The uses that can be made of it are certainly linked to exclusive situations, but wearing a tailored tuxedo is almost crucial in social gatherings and in society.


Can you tell us the story of the tuxedo?

It is a more than centuries-old story that makes it an icon of timeless and ever-present style.

Born shortly after the mid-19th century in London, the main stream diffusion is due to Sean Connery in the film 007. 

The main purpose at the time was linked to preserve the underlying dress from the smells of tobacco smoked in literary cafes. The word smoking in fact, literally translated means “smoking jacket” and the first color with which it was made was precisely a smoky gray and not a black as it appears in today’s common imagination. 

Are there any rules for using the tuxedo?

Today the most formal meetings still require this type of dress, strictly accompanied by a classic bow tie.

The tuxedo can only be worn after 18.00 as it is an evening dress, with the exception of events where the tuxedo is formally requested by written invitation and dress code and is suitable for formal occasions such as a premiere in the theater, a debut dance, a gallant meeting between gentlemen and why not in a literary club where you can sip a good cognac with a nice cigar next to you for tobacco lovers.

Which accessories to match?

The accessories to combine with this garment are mainly the bow tie and cufflinks.

In this case you can range from the more classic and elegant option, choosing black bow tie and white gold cufflinks as discreet as possible, or make everything less formal, but always sober, with a patterned bow tie that recalls the lapel and the satin band of the trousers and more particular cufflinks in silver or embellished with gems.

If the tuxedo is white, to be worn only for invitations to exclusive parties or as a broken piece, you can wear a bow tie of the same color or, for a more eccentric touch, opt for a red bow tie and complete everything with cufflinks with a small ruby embedded.