Office Time: 5 alternatives to the office suit

Office Time

Who said you have to wear jacket and tie to the office ? What if, for once (actually five!), you decided to wear something other than your dark-blue suit? Remember that the first rule to go business is “Think smart, act smarter”.

Dressing elegant to the office doesn’t mean you have to wear a full suit, but being able to pair your pieces in an original way. Also, you can wear comfortable without feeling the odd one out. Be careful not to exaggerate, and most important, consider how important etiquette is for your company.

How do you go business? What shall you choose? What are the alternatives to the classic full suit? If you can’t answer any of these questions and you usually spend an excessive amount of time choosing your pieces in the morning you should probably read this article. With our tips, you won’t ask yourself what blue suit you haven’t put on yet anymore.

Look 1: Mix and match – Jacket and trousers

spezzato giacca pantalone

Stop with your classic pieces, you need to change your look! You’ll see, once you have started “breaking your suit”, you won’t be able to stop! Start from pulling off a white shirt. Then, combine it with a grey suit jacket, a men’s wardrobe classic.

And here comes the challenge. You can pair your suit with elegant midnight blue trousers. Mix and match your separates as much as you like, just remember that one of the colours needs to stand out more. Be careful with patterns too. For an understated look that impresses people!

The Style Advisor’s advice: white shirt, double-breasted light-grey jacket and blue wool trousers.

Look 2: Mix and match – Blazer and trousers

Mix and match - Blazer and trousers

Let’s discuss another option which is not very informal. This considers a grey lightweight roll-neck to pair with a blue wool blazer (we love when yarns combine to create that shading effect!) and trousers of the same colour, better if in a lighter shade. Choose a pair of dark-brown Chelsea boots to complete the look.

The Style Advisor’s advice: grey roll-neck, blue wool blazer (no matter the pattern), and blue wool trousers.

Look 3: Chinos and sports jacket

Chinos and sports jacket

If your office environment allows you to go a bit more casual, here we have an option that suits you. There’s nothing better than a sports flannel jacket, unstructured and with shirt shoulders, if you want to start your day with proper comfort clothes. Unless it’s cold, you can decide to opt for a basic t-shirt to wear underneath (you should go for black).

But don’t get used to that, shirts are always the best option. Complete the look with a pair of comfortable grey chinos, better if in a lighter shade than the jacket’s.

The Style Advisor’s advice: plain t-shirt, grey flannel blazer, grey chinos.

Look 4: Chinos and crew-neck jumper

Ready for the next office match? Your business look includes now more sports pieces, like a soft crew-neck jumper! If you can’t decide what colour it should be, go for a grey model, it will perfectly pair with a classic beige trench coat on rainy days or a long wool overcoat when it gets colder. Just choose the right overcoat for you.

Opt for a pair of practical olive chinos to define the look. Just take a sneak peek at our collection, we cut one from a fully Italian-made soft-touch fabric. White sneakers will complete the look!

The Style Advisor’s advice: grey crew-neck jumper, beige trench coat or long wool coat, olive chinos.

Look 5: Jeans and…

Every Friday is now casual Friday. So, we thought that you could choose a piece of clothing that everybody has in his wardrobe and in which everybody feels comfortable for this day: jeans. Since they are a casual garment, you will have to pair them with formal and minimal pieces.

We suggest that you opt for a shirt and a blazer, but only if you also add a waistcoat of the same shade to your look! You can either go for a classic waistcoat or a sartorial piece. Ultra-classic Derby shoes will complete the outfit with contrasting socks. The ideal look to get to the weekend without even realising it!

The Style Advisor’s advice: jeans, shirt, sartorial waistcoat, blazer.

…now that you know how to go business to the office, you have no excuse!

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  1. Ayush says:

    In my office i do not have to wear jackets regularly. What is your opinion about an ocbd shirt with dress trousers?

    1. Lanieri says:

      Hello Ayush

      go for it 🙂

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