Lanieri’s accessories: a history of Italian craftsmanship

It takes dedication, time and especially mastery to make a Lanieri’s tie. And not only. Come behind the scenes with us at our Biella factory to find out exactly what goes into our accessories. And meet our Italian artisans who have devoted their complete life to authentic craftsmanship.

Piedmontese, a mother and an entrepreneur, Donella runs our small factory in Biella, which specializes in fine made-to-measure accessories tailoring. Any kind of necktie and bowtie: a plethora of menswear products, which are handmade and cut from the best Italian fabrics only. Customisable accessories that you can exceptionally buy online. Of course, at She is a straightforward woman, that’s for sure. She’s as honest and direct as those who had to take their future into their own hands, and then made it. The first thing we asked Donella was if making men’s neckties was her original dream and she gave us a straightforward answer, just like her.

“Once people used to work in factories, only a few people could afford to study. Why? You needed to earn a living! That was a commonly held belief.” That’s something that forces us to see the reality of things too: thousands of craftsmen had had a need to move through Italy for decades. But Donella was determined, very determined, and managed to turn her job into her greatest passion. “I’ve studied to become a patternmaker and stylist and, after working in the textile industry, I specialised in ties, because I really liked making them.”

Twenty-five years of experience

Italian artisans creating Lanieri accessories
Italian artisans creating Lanieri accessories

“I have made neckties for major Italian politicians and celebrities for years. Long ties for the NBA players and flawless ties for former 007 Pierce Brosnan.” Donella has been through all sorts of situations and this allowed her to have the right experience. Donella and her skilful helpers use their expertise to handmake any type of Lanieri’s custom necktie, from classic to seven-fold. Handmaking Lanieri’s accessories, one tie at a time, according to specific measurements, means to tailor something thinking of someone, and the results are visible!

L: What’s the hardest thing about your job?
D: Working with a plethora of fabrics. From the weightless silk to the most heavyweight wool and cashmere. That’s when you can prove your manual skills!

L: What do you like most about your job?
D: Pinning, which is one of the processes involved in necktie making: when you insert the core strip you realise that the necktie is given body. Not only. It is also exciting when you see someone wearing the necktie you sewed. That’s what I like most about my job, something that only manual labour can offer you.

L: How long does it take to create a custom necktie?
D: It takes 40 minutes at least. But it mostly depends on the fabric. You should know that tailoring is not an industrial process. Handwork demands different timing.

Some steps of our tailoring process
Cutting and sewing: some steps of our tailoring process

L: What are the steps to make a necktie?
D: Necktie making involves a lot of processes: cutting, lining, intermediate pressing, pinning, sewing and then finishing. The last step is to give the product a final press.

L: What’s difficult about sewing a necktie?
D: I perfectly know how to sew a necktie after 25 years. The most important thing is to pay attention to cutting. In general, this is the most important stage in tailoring: a successful product depends on the accuracy of cutting.

L: What are the best materials to work with?
D: There are several fabrics, but the best fabrics are those that are not made with synthetic fibres. 100% natural fabrics are ideal. Needless to say, a good necktie is made with excellent fabrics…

How to buy handmade ties and bowties?

Exclusive fabrics and tailoring expertise: we make these run through every stitch of the perfect necktie or bowtie. But in order to create the one that suits every customer best, we need his help!

At everybody can select his favourite necktie and customise it choosing from 4 different styles (classic, young, unlined, seven-fold) and 3 custom lengths (standard, short and long). Those who prefer the bowtie will find a wide range of products and 4 different models (classic pre-tied, diamond-point pre-tied, self-tied classic, self-tied diamond-point) and 2 widths (standard and wide).