New Lanieri collection S/S 19: discover the contrasts of The Italian Entryway

The new Spring/Summer 2019 collection is finally available on the Lanieri online shop. And it’s a real milestone in the brand’s growth path.

For this campaign, the new Creative Director Claudio Nobili was inspired by the Italian culture of the seventies and found the definitive synthesis of it in the entrances, the so-called “androni”, of some historic buildings in Milan.

Why the doorways? Because the entrance is a physical place, a point of access to a new space, a place in which perspectives can expand and multiply. But it is also the allegory of a New Beginning, to underline the innovative path that Lanieri is taking from a stylistic point of view.

This circle of creativity is closed by the locations designated for the campaign: the entrance halls of two selected Milanese buildings, whose design is signed by Giò Ponti and Pier Giulio Magistretti.
These are niches unknown to most, authentic gems hidden in the meanders of the city of Milan, one of the cradles of Italian architectural culture.

They are completely unexpected locations, with a timeless allure. With The Italian Entryway Lanieri crosses the threshold of a new concept of tailoring, which maintains the characteristics of tradition contaminating them with the world of Italian art, architecture and culture.

The result is a collection designed to innovate and amaze, but also to emphasize its belonging to the most classic and formal expression of Italian fashion. Thus, alongside with suits characterized by solid colors and far from the usual canons such as teal, sage green, amaranth – there are also the most classic blue and gray in different nuances and delicate micropatterns: pied de poule, Prince of Wales, micro-check and narrow line – ideal for creating an effect that recalls the “palazzo” pajamas, elaborating it in a male version.

You can immediately renew your wardrobe with the selected fabrics of our Italian partners – a guarantee of beauty, quality and practicality – and create unexpected combinations with suits reinvigorated by unexpected colors and shirts with Seventies patterns and more classic motifs.

Create your tailored suit or shirt now and choose from the various accessories available to make every outfit even more special and distinctive.

To find out more, all you have to do is access the online section dedicated to the collection.

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