How to choose a tie in 3 steps

Men’s iconic accessory becomes easier, more colorful and sometimes winks at eccentricity. The tie is back and adapts itself to contemporary wardrobe for men of all ages.

 A tie is one of those menswear details that can often seem unnecessary. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is so important to distinguish desk-time from free-time, and it is not just a matter of scheduling meetings. Tying a tie can divide your business looks from casual ones.  Once etiquette rules were inflexible, but still now not to wear it continues to be an expression of a more comfortable-casual look.

Silk tie

All the Lanieri ties are entirely handmade in Italy with excellent raw materials. Thanks to a centuries-old tradition, they are perfectly made by sewing three different elements: interlining, shell and tipping.

Hidden between the folds of the outer shell is the interlining. It has been made with high quality fabrics, because it plays a major role in giving a tie shape, weight and bulk. Also known as the “envelope”, the shell is the outermost and larger fabric of the necktie. It is constituted by a front part, the larger one,  and a rear one. The tipping is the fabric that is sewn onto the backside of the tip and tail of a necktie.

Wool tie

How to create the perfect necktie? On you can do it in a few minutes, following these 3 simple steps: it is necessary to choose the fabric, then the style and finally the length.


Printed silk (produced by Mantero) with most intense colours is suitable for special occasions such as weddings and parties, more easy patterns make it perfect for corporate. Wool fabric, entirely produced in Italy, is suitable for a more informal business attire or an extremely refined casual look. Wool-linen blend, thanks to the natural effect of linen, looks chic and spontaneous.

Silk tie


The Classic, with a width of 3.1 inches, is the tie by definition. An essential accessory to complete the daily metropolitan outfit. Our Young version, the narrowest (1.7 inches), is also the most casual, perfect for informal occasions during the weekend. The Unlined, 2.3 inches, is modern and lightweight. Made without inner lining it is the lighter choice for a modern and stylish look. The ultimate luxury is the Seven folds tie. With a width of 3.1 inches, it has all its greatness in the construction. Without the usual inner lining its unique structure is made by folding seven times one single piece of fine fabric and stitched by hand. A sophisticated accessory for those who really appreciate quality.

Wool linen tie


The correct length of a tie must match when knotted, with the belt. Depending on your height you can choose the right size. For a height of less than 5ft 5in it is indicated our Short version (4ft 7in), between 5ft 5in and 6ft 1in is recommended a Standard size (4ft 11in) and for taller people (more than 6ft 1in) is available the Long tie (5ft 1in).

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