Corduroy: the retro feeling, fail-safe option for winter

The “one does it all” kind of fabric in your wardrobe, corduroy is both the casual outfit hero and the formalwear asset you need this season.

While the origins of this long standing fabric are seemingly rooted in the high echelons of history – some say it was born in ancient Egypt, others that it was a favorite of Henry VIII’s – being labeled as “the poor man’s velvet”, corduroy has shouldered the working-class associations for a long time. It was during the ’50 and ’60 however, that its popularity u-turned completely when Ivy Leaguers embraced it through skinny tailoring, and by the time the ’70 rolled around, everyone was wearing corduroy in cropped and flared fashions, that catapulted the fabric in the must-have Olympus.

With its velvet ribs and tufted texture, the tactile appeal of corduroy is nowadays undisputed, the soft chunkiness of the material making it ideal to wear on end during the colder months and the perfect fabric for injecting some bold colors into your wardrobe. From rich, brick red shades, to deep greens, to honey mustards, corduroy and warm autumnal shades are like bread and butter. 

Despite its zesty past, corduroy has grown up to be quite the democratic contender, whether it be a casual fit you’re on the hunt for, or a more sophisticated attire. If grandpa, meets librarian-chic – which is currently highly trending – is your thing, then we suggest pairing a monochromatic corduroy joggers and overshirt duo with a plain shirt for a relaxed and slightly vintage finish.

Beige overshirt in stretch cotton velvet
Made-to-Measure beige joggers in stretch cotton velvet

At the same time the ridges and the rough texture of the fabric, lend it well to more structured looks as well, making it one of the most versatile investments you could score

Made-to-Measure Men’s light blue suit in stretch cotton velvet

We chose Pontoglio’s light blue, stretch cotton corduroy suit, an iconic menswear evergreen, which packs on the elegance, without being exceedingly punchy. Pair it with a contrasting turtleneck knit for English gentleman glamour or dress it down in a neutral polo shirt to achieve contemporary urban edge; with just one fabric you can explore all ends of the spectrum and a vast array of customizable sartorial details.

Try a double-breasted, pointed lapel customization to add some formal drama to your suit, or sober it up by choosing a single-breasted, tooth lapel jacket. Lastly, if you’re feeling non-committal, you could even consider ribbed velvet for mismatched suiting options as well.

Have we made a case for corduroy yet?