4 ways to wearing a linen suit in summer

The fabrics to load up in your everyday wardrobe when the temperature rises should be breathable and comfortable. It goes without saying that natural fibers are better than anything else in the hot seasons. Linen fabric pops in the head as soon as you hear the word breathable fabric. It seems to win all hearts when it comes to making the choice for summer tailoring.

It is one of the oldest fabrics and was favoured all over the ancient world for its unique cooling properties. But unlike old times the fabric has become a more refined and comes in so many different colour options. Linen got an evident texture and holds dyes in a unique way, which give the fabric a strong and distinct personality.

What makes it special for summer

100% natural fibres of linen
100% natural fibres of linen, the fabric of summer

The properties of the fabric make it a summer star, as a quality linen fabric is very durable, strong and comfortable. The fibres do not stretch, are resistant to damage from abrasion or washes, and the colours do not fade away. Linen absorbs moisture well and releases it quickly, and happen to dry out fast, so it doesn’t stick to the body. Air can easily pass through linen fibres and lets the skin breathe.

Why to choose a linen suit (even if it wrinkles)

In the summer season, most of the men’s suits become too hot to wear, because of the fibres and their heaviness. This is where enters the linen suits, super alternatives for every occasion that saves your summer wardrobe and keep you cool throughout the season.

Why you should not care that it wrinkles

However, more than any other fabric, linen loves to crease and crumble. Embrace those very characteristic wrinkles: natural linen looks best when it’s beautifully rumpled. When you wear it well ironed in the morning it gives a formal refined look but a slightly stiff. As you go through the day you can see some wrinkles on your outfit, especially while travelling.

That property is more of a good news as it lets you give out more of a relaxed vibe. Linen simply looks extravagant when it looks a little worn and lived in. When it’s a hundred degrees outside, no one notices the wrinkles, but everyone definitely notice how unbothered by heat you look in your linen suit.

How (try to) prevent the excessive wrinkles on the linen suit

If you would like to visibly decrease the wrinkling, there are two solutions, the first is to hang your jacket every time you are not wearing it and the second is to opt for linen blends, some percentage of cotton or wool blended with linen fabric and you are good to go to enjoy your summer affairs. A good quality linen can take you effortlessly from a business trip to a summer wedding. Here’s are the tips to get it right every time.

When to wear a linen suit

The linen suit for the wedding

Detail of a white linen wedding suit with herringbone pattern
Detail of a white linen wedding suit with herringbone pattern

When it comes to the weddings it is always better to go for a tailored look, according to the season and time of day. If you are the groom and your wedding plans are to have a wedding by the sun-kissed beach, or some rustic scenery outdoors and you would like to tone down the formality, a Linen suit could be your saviour. As all the properties explained earlier fit for the occasion where you would like to look cool and comfortable, and still be the centre of the occasion.

Choosing a tailored linen suit with some custom details is a great way to go for a summer wedding.

Which to choose:

It is ideal for a relaxed summer outdoor or indoor wedding, choosing from the colours like tan, dark beige, tobacco and cream/off-white. Usually, a linen suit is worn just as a two piece suit as the more relaxed beach kind of wedding attire, especially if you are a guest at the wedding.

However, a well-tailored three-piece suit allows you to beat the heat and still look smart in the hot weather. For grooms it is a better choice to get a three-piece suit for a wedding happening at the countryside, a tone on tone waistcoat (same colour as the suit) to look smart and at ease during the wedding without compromising on the formality of the occasion.

If you are having a wedding somewhere formal during summer you could always go for a dark blue or grey linen suit in 100% linen or linen blend with cotton or wool. It is suggested to wear blend for the formal ceremonies during hot seasons as they crease less compared to the 100% linen suits.

If you are the best man, it is safe to say that you should be in tune with the groom while dressing. If the groom is wearing a three-piece linen suit, the groom’s men and the best man should follow the same rule. The colour can be a little different than the groom’s suit, maybe in the lighter tone.

As for the guest attending the wedding, depending upon the formality of the wedding, one can choose either a two-piece or three-piece suit in linen. Beige linen suit or a sand suit, formality is maintained during an evening or night time wedding, while the brighter colours are more for a laid back be conceptual wedding. For the day wedding lighter shade of beige, cream, light blue or white would fit perfectly.

A tailored Linen suit in nuances of white like cream, off-white, light beige, ice blue and sky/light blue are perfect for the day wedding and matching the charm of the bride.

What to match with it:

To pair up with the wedding suit a white, cream or very light blue plain shirt in Linen, cotton or linen cotton blend works perfectly fine. Get a tie matching the colour of the suit in linen. As for more colour options, you can always be experimental depending on the formality of the wedding. To finish the polished wedding look of a groom, wear a fresh boutonniere.


Formal lace-up oxford, derby or slip on, in brown or tan depending on the colour of your suit.

An advice:

A wedding is a formal occasion, make sure you iron your linen suit well and the Boutonnière is fresh and in fresh colours that do not overshadow the colour of your suit.

The formal business suit in Linen

A man wearing a brown linen suit
A brown linen suit, the perfect choice for the office

The colder seasons call for all the wool and silk suits you own, but when the sun shines brighter and the summer season is upon us, surviving in a heavy suit with warm fabrics becomes difficult. Linen being the fabric of the summer season and being the master of characteristic colours in the modern season, it is being accepted in most of the working spaces.

It provides a crisp and smart look, it’s probably best to pair with a dress shirt and a tie, and worn to the office with confidence. As you stay in the office all day during the working hours, the properties like lightweight, comfortable and has a high moisture absorbency makes it perfect for any activity indoors, and not only that!

Which to choose:

If you work in a very formal environment the linen blend suits are the way to go, made from a fabric which has the best properties of two fibres. Linen blend fabric will ensure that you have a smoother silhouette.

There are plenty of options of fabric blends available with linen like cotton, silk, mohair or wool. A linen and mohair fabric is the one most recommended in the office scenario for all the travelling businessmen attending the most important meetings.

To fit the linen suits in the formal office ambience it is important to pick out the right colours for your tailored suit. The most suitable colours being: blue, dark grey and dark brown. As for the structure, get your suit in the finest Italian fabric as a single breasted and slim or modern fit, to expand the versatility of your summer wardrobe.

What to match with it

When wearing a blue linen suit to the office, pair it with a white cotton poplin shirt and grey tie to come off as smart and well put together. This combination will win over all your business meetings. A dark grey or dark brown tailored linen suit can be worn with your regular office dress shirt.


For the office, it is always recommended to wear laced up shoes like Brogues, oxfords or Monk Shoes. With a blue linen suit you can always go with brown cap toe oxford or plain toe oxford shoes.

An advice

Just make sure to put your suit jacket on your arm while commuting for office or client business meetings to avoid sweaty shirt and jacket during a very hot season.

The Linen suit for leisure time

A man wearing a burgundy suit in linen
Burgundy suit in linen, ideal for summer leisure

A sturdy and comfortable material like linen makes its way very easily towards the leisure wardrobe. The texture of the fabric gives you a laid-back appeal and still look sharp during casual dinners, relaxed summer gatherings in the city or date night.

A good quality tailored linen suit comes in handy for all your summer casual affairs. Getting out of the house in a well-ironed linen suit is great, but the more it looks worn in and the more you embrace the wrinkles, it becomes the best outfit for the summer leisure wear.

Which to choose

Keep it casual with the tailoring, go for single-breasted unlined jackets with notch lapels and patch pockets. The modern linen fabric gives a variety of refreshing tones to choose from, which complements very well with the affairs around the city.

To give yourself a fresh and effortless look try a tailored suit in light blue or mid blue tones, other colour options can also be: beige, cream or khaki. The light blue shade is proving to be in trend and very popular in last few years as an option for the men’s linen suit. This suit can also be an option for the casual Friday for the office.

What to match with it

Pair your linen suit with a light coloured cotton shirt or try a full linen look with a crisp linen shirt. Go tieless, but give a touch of the relaxed gentleman with your favourite pocket square. Pocket squares come in a variety of range these days, you can be experimental with printed ones or just a plain coloured pocket square in linen or cotton.


For the complete casual and relaxed look opt for brown penny or tassel loafers, brogues or boat shoes. Keep the colours light like tan, light brown or even white. Sneakers are in trend, for a touch of youthful trend, you can pair your linen suit with your favourite pair of sneakers, but stay clear of bright colours.

An advice

You can always wear your suit as separates or as a spezzato (Italian for broken suit) for the very casual outings and weekends. Wear the linen suit jacket matched with a pair of crisp chinos or the suit trousers with a polo shirt.

Linen suit for vacation

light-blue linen suit, combined with pocket square and customised bow tie
Light-blue linen suit, combined with pocket square and customised bow tie

When someone hears vacation, the imagination goes to the Italian seacoast and islands with plenty of sun. What better way to feel that way wherever you are, other than wearing an Italian linen quality suit. Always go for the best quality linen fabric in order to avoid suffering the heat and enjoying the vacation the most.

Which to choose

The vacation gives you a great opportunity to opt for lighter tones and completely take advantage of all the relaxed characteristic of linen fabric. The choice of colours for linen suit on a vacation could be: beige, white, off-white, light blue, dusky pink or pale grey. White is not only for celebrities in the movies like Mastroianni, but for everyone who wants to spend a vacation in comfort and style. The white or tinted shades of white are very easy shade to style – you can go for either whole white or have another shade to break up the white look and bring some contrast.

What to match with it

Plain white cotton or linen shirts with collar left open will keep you feeling and looking very cool, but a striped shirt in blue, pastel pink does add a dash of some vacation spirit. For night outs, pair the light coloured linen suit with a pale, navy blue or a dark coloured shirt for some contrast.

To complete the look of elegant vacation or just to add some colour to your look, put a pocket square of your choice in the front pocket of the suit jacket.


The vacation look deserves some comfortable but trendy shoes, sneakers are a good choice if you will be on your foot all day. If you are having a more laid back vacation pair your linen suit with a pair of good espadrille. But for the special events during vacation you can always go for brown driving mocs or light coloured boat shoes.

An advice

Take care of your light coloured suit, it will accompany you for vacations to come. You can always wear the suit jacket and trousers separately and pack light for the vacation, as one suit can create a lot of looks.