Why wear a tailored suit: 11 unarguable reasons

Today’s men have specific needs and are no longer content with any ordinary things or experiences. This is why one of the emerging trends in men’s fashion is the customisation of outfits: from sneakers to jeans, from accessories to elegant suits, the goal is to make everything as personal as possible. The trend of the last few years invites us to rediscover our own style and create a unique wardrobe.

We at Lanieri have collected the testimonies of our customers and with our Style Advisors we have tried to understand why more and more men are choosing to wear only tailored suits and shirts. Here are 11 indisputable reasons that will convince you to switch to sartorial fashion.

1. Because you need to get the fit you deserve

The tailor will literally create a suit according to your measurements and your taste. Any specifications you can think of, they can create for you. This precision of your measurements and tailoring create a perfect fit which is the key to showing off your body in the most flattering way, and everyone who is looking for a suit to power dress himself or to feel unique during leisure time deserve a suit with a perfect fit.

2. Because it is timeless, tailor-made never goes out of fashion

There are very few things that are timeless in fashion, sooner or later everything goes out of fashion and completes the fashion cycle. But tailor-made clothing has never been out of fashion because of the quality and timeless fits, on the contrary, the demand just keeps increasing. The colours and styles of suits might change but tailor-made clothing is proficient in adopting all fashion changes and provides the best results.

3. Because the perfect fit motivates you to stay in shape

Man wearing a custom made gray jacket
A tailored suit enhances your body and helps you to stay in shape

A custom tailored suit is a precious investment, it fits you like a dream. So, it would be a shame if you don’t keep in shape and let that investment go to waste, this right here is your motivation to watch your weight and hit the gym to keep looking flattering in your favourite suit.

4. Because it’s exclusive

When you decide to get a tailored garment, you are assured that you get an exclusive piece that is tailored for you. By designing and customising your own suit, you are guaranteed a unique and individual garment, perfectly fitted to your body. Something that is just for you.

5. Because your clothes last longer

Custom made suits will last you longer than machine-made as they are made with fine quality fabrics and according to your measurements. A tailor-made suit will save a lot of time and money on repairments. The durability and the fit both accompany for a very long time during the official meetings and personal events, especially if you take care of your tailored suit.

6. Because you can highlight your personal style

A man's blue jacket tailored in Italy
With Lanieri’s sartorial service you can choose from over 10 million style combinations

Custom-made tailored suits allow you to bring out more individuality in your wardrobe. Whether you are into strictly formal or experimental fashion statement, the customisations help you achieve the look you want.

7. Because you don’t have to settle for something that you don’t like

The biggest problem with off-the-rack clothing is that you have to control over the choice of colours or fabrics, you might have to settle for a colour that someone else picked out for that season. In most of the cases, you will find the fabric you like but you have to compromise on the colour, but in tailor-made clothing, you have a variety of colours and fabric choices and customisations apart. Customising is a good habit that won’t let you compromise in your personal style statement.

8. Because you always wondered, why the celebrities seem to look good in anything?

I am sure everyone wonders why the celebrities look good in everything and every pose, whereas if someone else is wearing the same colour or the style of garments as some celebrity it always looks like something is missing. The reason that celebrities radiate great confidence in everything they wear is that their clothing is made with a custom fit and tailored expertise which make them look good from every angle.

9. Because everytime you put on a tailored piece, you can imagine your Instagram exploding with likes!

Italian men wearing custom made suits and sgharing on Instagram
A tailor-made style will show your great sense of style

We all have seen the male Instagram influencers with a great sense of style, most of them are thriving on the concept of custom-made clothing, quality fabrics and a touch of personal style. If you want to be noticed in your inner circle, some good quality custom-made suits with unique customisations are your way to go!

10. Because a tailored suit will get you the second date you deserve!

First dates are for everlasting first impressions, do we need to say something more? A well fitted tailor-made suit will be your wingman for the rest of the dates to come by because you represent your best self.

11. Because it’s the best way to spend your money

Man weaing a grey jacket made with Loro Piana fabrics
If you look at the quality, the details and the superiority of the whole experience, a tailored suit is undoubtedly the best investment

True, a prêt-à-porter suit can often be found at a reduced price, but it is also true that you get what you pay for. In most cases, when you consider and buy off the rack “cheap”, the ready-made garments turn up often expensive. With trips to the tailor to get it adjusted or altered, the repair from tears and the possible need to replace it after some wears, all this cost so much that a suit ends up costing much more than it is worth. If you look at the quality, the details and the superiority of the whole experience, a tailored suit is undoubtedly the best investment. For example, a good quality tailored wool suit is a true masterpiece: elegant, it does not get ruined easily, practically has no creases and never requires dry cleaning, because the real merino wool repels odours and dirt.