When tailoring becomes 3D

In case imagining a tailored garment wasn’t enough for you, you’ll definitely like our new 3D configurator. Modelers, fabric connoisseurs, graphic designers, engineers: at Lanieri we have all been working together for a long time, to create a sartorial online experience even smarter and more real

3D Experience Lanieri

Our new three-dimensional technology allows you to customise your garment in real time from any screen. Online you can play with different patterns, fabrics, and customisations to see how they would look, thanks to an incredibly high-performing three-dimensional rendering.

From the style of the jacket, the colour of lapel buttonhole, the type of buttons, to the number of pleats on trousers: you can design a unique Italian garment choosing among a wide range of possibilities (more than 10 million different combinations). Customising a made-to-measure garment has never been so easy, fun and fast.

3D Experience Lanieri

This inevitable digital revolution marks the transition from a more traditional way of purchasing to a virtual and exclusive tailoring experience. Our innovative cloud-based tool has been entirely designed and implemented in the Biella district by a team of young engineers. Our best model makers and the tissue experts have been working for many months in order to create a user-friendly and risk-free shopping experience.

Once again we have put our efforts into an entirely Italian project to make Italian tailoring accessible to gentlemen all around the world.