The new Lanieri collection: a spontaneous elegance

A spontaneous elegance and strong retro reminiscences characterise the new Lanieri collection, now available online and in all Stores. Many new fabrics for made-to-measure suits, jackets, shirts, chinos, tuxedos, coats and a wide assortment of men’s accessories. There’s everything you need to give a real tailored touch to your formal and casual wardrobe for the next season.

The fabrics of the 2018 collection: trends

Our Autumn/Winter fabrics collection is inspired by earth tones, rich in shades of green and brown without forgetting essential blues and anthracites that are always part of an Italian gentleman’s wardrobe. Colours of nature are combined with that style that marked the history of Italian fashion, now reinterpreted in a modern way: unstructured jackets with wide lapels and trousers with a high waist and a more generous trousers hem.

Every season has its must. So, let’s welcome carded flannels and traditional patterns such as Houndstooth and Prince of Wales (a little bit bigger than the classic versions). In addition, to complete the winter scenario, you’ll find custom-made merino wool shirts and chinos made from cashmere and cotton blends. Last but not least, we’ll enjoy the great comeback of corduroy. Definitely, the Brick Red Corduroy Suit will become one of the best sellers of this collection.

The new AD campaign

The purpose of this new campaign was to show a refined but at the same time recognisable Italian spirit. It was important to give a typically Italian touch to the shots, to say something new about the spontaneity and that sprezzatura which made so famous the Italian style and the Italian way of living.

So, what makes Italian a man, if not his way of gesticulating? There’re just certain gestures, a specific way of moving hands, and why not, even some facial expressions, that make a true Italian-made gentleman stand out in the crowd.

To become Italian, a gesture is enough. Whether it is the gesticulation itself or the gesture of wearing a tailored suit.