4 stylish ways for men to tie a scarf

Nodi sciarpa

The most undervalued accessory in men’s clothing is certainly the scarf: mostly considered just a way to face the cold, only a few see it as a useful fashion item to guarantee even more class to their outfits.

In this article we will find out how to combine a scarf with different types of clothing, answering some frequently asked questions such as “How to tie a scarf?”, and “How tie a scarf the ascot way?“. Here are our “instructions for wearing a scarf“!

Obviously, the final result depends on the quality of the scarf. Discover the collection of Lanieri scarves, in cashmere and wool.


Ascot knot for scarf: infographic step by step
Ascot knot

Wearing a scarf like a necktie: why not? The “ascot” style can cover part of the body and keep the neck warm at the same time, always sporting a touch of elegance.

This tie is perfect for formal occasions. Nothing prevents you from experimenting and proposing an ascot knot with even during more casual situations! On the other hand, style is also a constant redefinition of boundaries.


Parisian knot for scarf: infographic step by step
Parisian knot

A simple and effective way to wear a scarf in just a few seconds. Fold the scarf in two, wrap it around the neck and insert the two ends inside the loop. Adjust the length of your scarf as you prefer and decide whether to keep it under the coat or show it off. Perfect for medium and long length scarves.


Bust warmer knot for scarf: infographic step by step
Bust warmer knot

When temperatures drop, the “Bust warmer” method is particularly useful. By creating a knot with the scarf behind the back, you will look elegant without feeling cold. You should create this look using a long but not too voluminous scarf, in order to wrap the body and follow its natural movements.


Four in hand knot for scarf: infographic step by step
Four in hand knot

If it’s really cold, how should you wear your scarf? Good news: you do not necessarily have to wear dozens of layers. A high quality scarf, if used wisely, can create a barrier from the cold and keep your style alive. Wear it with an equally elegant coat and try the “four in hand” knot, using a medium-long length model of scarf.

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