The Spring Summer 2017 Collection

Lanieri Collezione Primevera Estate 2017 Campagna Ad

The new Spring Summer 2017 collection is online with more than 150 new Italian fabrics for tailored suits, jackets, blazers and dress shirts. Weights, textures and colours designed for the new season, are finally available on or in the Lanieri Store.

Leitmotif of the Spring Summer collection is the idea of a sober and measured elegance, to express your style and be yourself, without breaking any dress code. Defined lines, refined details, natural colours and classic patterns are now revisited with an ultra-contemporary twist. Canonical pinstripes become large and colourful, the iconic Prince of Wales is recommended in a macro version, and linen blends come patterned and coloured for the free time.

Lanieri Spring Summer Men's Suits Collection
Lanieri Spring Summer Suits Collection

An impeccable style, of course, but without excluding comfort. That’s why we’ve selected so many high-performance fabrics, which ensure you a better fit, don’t crease, keep you cold all day long and don’t get wet under the rain. The Traveller or Stretch suit fabrics collection or the Comfort shirts collection, for example.

Soft texture, fresh and easy-to-match natural colours. For a little bit of cosy luxury to be worn when at work or in your everyday life. Always and only 100% natural fabrics that feature winning technical characteristics, thanks to special treatments engineered by the best Italian wool mills.

Lanieri Spring Summer Suits and Blazers Collection
Lanieri Spring Summer Suits and Blazers Collection

Which are the must-to-have for this season? Let’s start with some classic essentials such as the Assoluto suits, made from carbon fibres, the Pure Linen suits and then the Icon suits for a more formal business wardrobe, until the new entries. The Linen Mohair and Mohair Cotton blazers, and the exclusive Super 180’s suits with an incredible fineness. But not only! You’ll find lightweight Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna suits, the Grey Wool suit tailored from an eco-friendly fabric made with organic Patagonian wool, bright Linen and Silk blazers,  fresh & breathable (pink, grey, blue, Sahara) Hopsack blazers and those made with hemp fibres. There’s something for everyone’s taste at Lanieri.

Ad Campaign

The Spring Summer 2017 Men's collection
Lanieri Spring Summer 2017 collection

“Do what you like, but do it tailored” says the advertising campaign for this spring summer collection. A slogan that expresses an idea of freedom that belongs to both Made to measure and summer season. An elegant and composed, but at the same time casual and contemporary, mood. A kind of relaxation that wants to promote a new idea of elegance, more versatile & less serious, designed around the real needs of modern men. Because the new way to stand out, is simply being yourself.