Find out what we are doing to ensure your safety in our stores

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Lanieri stores have adopted a series of rigorous measures to guarantee the safety of its customers and continue to offer a unique and impeccable tailoring experience.

We have decided to explain in detail what we are doing to allow you to visit our stores in total safety.

A safe tailor-made experience

Lanieri stores are sanitized daily based on the hygiene procedures required due to the COVID-19 emergency. All our devices (iPad, computers, POS, surfaces and worktops) are sanitized regularly with a special germicidal alcohol-based solution.

Furthermore, our changing rooms are effectively sanitized after each use, using high-temperature steam.

A unique garment that will be worn just by you

At Lanieri stores you can only buy made-to-measure garments made only for you.

This means that whichever garment you choose, it will be created exclusively on request; you can then choose whether to have it delivered directly to your home or to collect it in the store. You will be the only one to wear your Lanieri garment.

The test garments available in the shop and the fabric samples are used only when indispensable and are regularly sanitized after each use with high-temperature steam.

The safety of our customers first of all

For your and our safety, you can reach us in the shop only by booking an appointment and exclusively by yourself, unfortunately, you will not be able to be accompanied.

Our Style Advisors always wear a protective mask and use sanitizing gel during appointments; we invite you to show up to the appointment wearing a protective mask.

If you do not have a protective mask, we will provide you with a disposable one once you reach our shop.

Contactless payments

Once you have chosen your garment, you can comfortably use a contactless payment method to complete the purchase, a system that further increases the level of security.

Book an appointment at one of our stores to live a unique and safe tailoring experience.