The vestigial organs

history of formal clothing

The word “elegance” comes from the Latin “eligere”, to select. Not by chance the true gentleman is often a connoisseur, meaning “someone able to choose”. Integral to choose is to know. Knowing what you are wearing and when to wear it can help the aspiring gentleman not only to succeed (or to fail, depending on […]

The unwritten code of elegance

the basic rules of elegance

Every man who wants to pride himself in being a gentleman must know what I would call “the basic rules of elegance”. They are unwritten, ancient rules, taught in family, through books or by simply spending time with other elegant gentlemen. These, with some opportune changes, can be applied also nowadays. First of all, we […]

How to tie a tie

The purpose of the tie, in fact, is to cover the shirt buttons and the space between them. It may happen that a rotation of the trunk enlarges the edges of the shirt placed between a button and the other, revealing tank tops, hairy bellies and breasts whatsoever.Imagine a very important meeting dates in a […]

The length of the pants

the lenght of the pants

First of all, your body type: if you are rather thin and slim, you can wear a shorter and more tight on the ankles pair of trousers. They can even reach the height of the malleolus, leaving a few inches of socks in plain sight. Needless to say that this is a bold solution which […]